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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   John Flint
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   10 July 1920
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   9 Donnington Square, Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 044
Record number: 9947
Official at burial:
   A.H. Fowler
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

  John FLINT
  07 July 1920
  Chest Tomb with Iron railings
  Sandstone with engraved letters
  East face of chest: In Loving Remembrance of/ Henry Flint/ who died Jany 25th. 1879/ aged 71 years. "He giveth His beloved sleep". / North face of chest, middle panel: In Remembrance of Edith/ fourth daughter of John and Grace Flint/ died Decr. 26th 1881/ aged 10 years. North face of chest, right hand panel: In Remembrance of Annie Paxton/ eldest daughter of/ John & Grace Flint/ died Aug. 6th.1883/ aged 16 years. North face of chest, left hand panel: *Henry Flint/ Died Feb 10th 1875/ aged 2 months./ South face of chest, left hand panel: In Loving Remembrance of/ Henry Flint/ second son of the late Alderman Flint/ died Nov. 2nd 1909 aged 61 years. South face of chest, middle panel: In Loving Remembrance of/ Muriel Gordon/ infant daughter of John & Grace Flint/ died March 25th 1885 aged 2 months. South face of chest, right hand panel: In Loving Remembrance of Mary Ann Flint/ widow of the late/ Henry Flint/of St. Mary's Hill, Newbury/ who died Jan. 19th. 1886/ aged 76 years./ North face of top coping stone: In Loving Memory of/ John Lee Flint/ who died March 14th 1927 aged 54/ Also of Mary Flint who died May 26th. 1927 aged 56/ Son and daughter of John & Grace Flint./ In Loving Memory of/ Grace Flint/ beloved wife of/ John Flint, J.P. who died Oct 13th. 1936/ aged 92. South face of top coping stone: In Loving Memory of / William Henry Flint/ who died Sept. 19th. 1947 aged 71/ In Loving memory of/ Grace Darling Flint/ second daughter of John & Grace Flint/ who passed away May 1st. 1921./ "Underneath are the Everlasting Arms". / East face of coping stone: In Loving Remembrance of John Flint/ who passed away July 7th. 1920/ aged 77 years./ "Peace perfect peace".
  Fair, some faces eroded
    * Name of Henry Flint who died Feb 1875, aged 2 months, derived from burial records due to excessive erosion on tomb.
  02 April 2013
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Muriel Gordon Flint
Mary Ann FLINT
John Lee FLINT
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Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

John Flint
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    08 July 1920
Copyright:    © 





THE NEWS OF THE DEATH OF Mr. John Flint, J.P., which occurred yesterday (Wednesday) at the age of 77, at his residence at 9 Donnington Square, will be received with general regret. The deceased gentleman came of an old Newbury family, who served their town well and faithfully, and from the list of Mayors on the walls of the Council Chamber, it will be seen that his father, Mr. Henry Flint, occupied the position of chief magistrate two years following in 1859 and 1860, and his uncle, Mr. Samuel Flint in 1871.
His grandfather lived in the town so long ago as the battle of Waterloo in 1815, while the coal merchant's business in the Wharf, which the deceased directed until the time of his death, and with which his name will always be associated, was the oldest in the town, having been established over 100 years.
John Flint was a Newburian bred and born, and though he was naturally of a shy and retiring disposition, and appearing in the public eye was foreign to his nature, yet in a quiet way he carried on the traditions of his family for public service, and did much useful work for his native town. He was a member of the Town Council from 1881 until Queen Victoria's jubilee year in 1887. He was a Justice of the Peace for the Borough, and amongst other offices filled by him were those of trustee at Coxedd and Pearce's Charity, chairman of the Newbury Cemetery Company and director of the Newbury Building Society.
Those who knew him best, loved him for he had the kindliest of nature, and it was impossible for him to have a single enemy. He was above all a true type of sportsman, and loved sport for sport's sake. Cricket claimed his first attention, and he was a member of the Highclere Park and the Newbury Cricket Club, and in the latter's palmy days always occupied a place in the eleven. The last match he played in was on his seventy- third birthday, when he captained a Newbury team which took over to Highclere. Amongst other old sporting organisations in the town with which he was connected were the Newbury Gymnastics Society and the Newbury Bicycle Club, and from an old file in the "Newbury Weekly News" of the corresponding week in 1879 which we have before us, we find that in a three mile club bicycle race on Greenham Common, he won his heat, starting from scratch, and was only beaten in the final by a competitor who received 700 yards start. The deceased was also a very keen skater, and, when the opportunity presented itself, he was to be seen cutting figures on the ice. Lawn tennis also claimed his allegiance, and despite his 76 years, he was playing last year, and had intended to play this year. He also enjoyed a game of golf, having been a member of the old-established Crookham Club.

Like many of the older generation who carried on during the war, Mr. Flint found the responsibilities of business life during this period very arduous, and it was this that doubtless shortened his life. He was very fond of music and rarely missed a concert, and was one of the earliest members of the Choral Society.
He was a prominent member of the Newbury Congregational Church, the Pastor of which, the Rev. A.H. Fowler, will officiate at the funeral, which takes place on Saturday afternoon. He leaves a widow, two sons and four daughters, with whom great sympathy is felt in their bereavement.

Newbury Weekly News 8 July 1920
Mrs.P p 18 W95 d. 7 July 1920

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Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    15 July 1920
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The funeral of the late Mr. John Flint took place on Saturday afternoon. The first part of the service was conducted in the Congregational Church by ther Pastor (the Rev. A. H. Fowler), who gave a short and sympathetic address as follows: "We are gathered here to do with simplicity and reverence these last sacred offices of faith and love. We remember with thankful hearts the many years which God has granted this his servant to dwell in this town, and the place he filled in the church, for all the active pursuits into which he wholeheartedly entered, but still more for the simplicity and kindliness, the clear faith and integrity which were ever his, and the loveableness of character which laid its spell on those who knew him best. The weight of these last difficult years bore hardly upon him s upon so many of his generation, but we rejoice that he sue the active life he loved almost to the very end. And so with all gratitude and honour we gather up our thoughts of him this day as he stands in the glorious presence of the Eternal God our Father."
The mourners were Mr. Henry Flint,(son), Miss May Flint, Miss Isabel Flint, Mrs McCall (daughters), Miss Darling, Miss Winifred Darling, Mr. and Mrs. C. Flint, Miss Paxton (cousins). Amongst those present were the Mayor (Mr. George Griffin) Mr. H.J.Midwinter, Alderman A. Jackson, Alderman J. Stradling, Councillor F. C.Hopson etc.

Newbury Weekly News 15 July 1920

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Newbury Gymnasium
Article source:    NWN
Date of source:    29 May 1869
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John Flint is mentioned in a NWN article    29 may 1869 about Newbury Gymnasium

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John Flint Invoice/ Bill
John Flint Invoice/ Bill


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