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Memorial Details

  10 May 1868
  Vault covered with a large flat stone flush with ground.
  Sandstone Engraved
  Flat stone, top of vault: In Memory of / Eliza, Relict of the Rev. May Ellis / Rector of Ickford, Bucks. / died May 6th.1864 aged 56 years / Also Sarah, Relict of Rev. John Charles Townsend / of Newbury, Berks. / died May 10th. 1868 aged 88 years. / Also Charlotte, wife of / Lieutenant Edward Hemsted / 109th. Regiment / died December 22nd. 1868 aged 24 years. / Also of Ellen, wife of / John Whitelock, Esq. / of Owosso, Michigan, U.S.A. / died March 14th. 1870 aged 39 years. / Also Charles Hemsted / of Newbury. / died August 3rd. 1870 aged 36 years. / Also Anne, wife of Stephen Hemsted, Esq., / of Newbury, Berks. / died July 28th. 1876 aged 70 years / and was buried next to this vault on the North side. / Also Anne, wife of W.S.H. May, Esq., died March 1st.1883 aged 37 years. / Buried at Brockley Cemetery / Also Stephen Hemsted of Newbury / died April 10th. 1885 aged 82 years. / Buried on the North side of this vault. //
  Good but easily covered by grass. Lichen over MI in places but can be read.
    The Townsend/Ellis/Hemsted family lived in Bartholomew St., Newbury. See website for obits of Eliza Ellis & her mother, Sarah Townsend. Both wives of vicars. Eliza was the wife of the Vicar of Ickford, Bucks., Rev William May Ellis, MA Christ Church, Oxon, who predeceased her. Charlotte Hemsted was the d of Henry Bursey, surgeon & general practitioner in Southwark, (buried elsewhere in NRC but grave not recorded by Mrs P.), & first wife of Lt. Col. Edward Hemsted, son of Anne & Stephen Hemsted snr., Edward is buried in St Peter's, Drayton nr Abingdon. Ellen Whitelock was daughter of Stephen & Anne Hemsted. Charles Hemsted, Ellen's brother, was a Midshipman, RN & 2nd Mate, Merchant Navy. Anne Hemsted, mother to Ellen & Charles, was the d. of Sarah & J.C.Townsend and wife of Stephen MA Oxon, MRCS, JP, surgeon, of Bartholomew St., Newbury, left £9000 to son Stephen Hemsted. She bequeathed land for the building of a meeting room for St George's, Wash Common (see FNRC website). Stephen Hemsted snr. graduated from St John's College, Oxon in 1852. Both Anne & Stephen are buried by the North side of the vault. Anne May was d. of Anne & Stephen Townsend, wife of William Simonds Higgs May, farmer, landowner & gentleman of Reading. Sources: Mrs Pattinson's records were corrected or confirmed by further inspection of the grave & by using records on ancestry uk. The place name Owosso was confirmed using Google. Anne May's burial is recorded at Brockley Cemetery
  01 November 2017
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Charlotte HEMSTED
Charles  HEMSTED
Anne MAY

Cemetery Accounts Record

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Sarah Townsend
16 May 1868
Consecrated - Family Vault
Rev'd. J.L. Randall



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Sarah Townsend
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News and Mrs Pattison
Date of source:    14 May 1868
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News



By the removal by death of Mrs. Townsend, which took place at her residence, Bartholomew-street, on Sunday, the poor of Newbury and the neighbourhood have lost a friend and benefactress whose ear was ever open to a cry of distress or a tale of pity: and whose assistance as readily extended to relieve their necessities and afford the help that was needed. Her charity was continually being bestowed, and though at Christmas or periods of general suffering it was more amply and widely dispensed, it was never confined to times or seasons. Many will have occasion to recollect with grateful feelings the repeated acts of kindness extended towards them in poverty and affliction.

The funeral will take place, we believe, on Saturday next, at the Cemetery.

Sarah Townsend
Article source:    Bucks Herald
Date of source:    16 May 1868
Copyright:    © Bucks Herald



Townsend—On the 10th inst., Newbury, Berks, Sarah, relict of the Rev. John Charles Townsend, late rector of Ickford, in her 89th year.

Sarah Townsend
Article source:    The Globe
Date of source:    04 January 1851
Copyright:    © The Globe


Rev. John Charles Townsend, of Newbury. Berks, attended morning prayers at St. Mary's chapel, Speenhamland. with his daughter. While kneeling in the pew by her side the unfortunate gentleman, who of advanced age*, fell and expired.
This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Sarah Townsend
Article source:    Reading Mercury
Date of source:    29 October 1854
Copyright:    © Reading Mercury



HUNGERFORD. BERKS.— Particulars FREEHOLD TENEMENTS, and advantageous SITES for Building, the High Street and Church Lane, Hungerford, Berks. —By direction of the surviving Devisee in Trust, with power of sale, under the will of the Rev. John Charles Townsend, deceased,

By Mr. ALEXANDER DAVIS, on Friday, the 3rd day November, at the Swan Hotel, Hungerford, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, under conditions which will then and there produced, in the following lots:—

Lot 1.— TWO TENEMENTS, adjoining each other, situate on the east side of the High-street, above the Town Hail, in the respective occupations George White, bricklayer, and George Smith, gardener, having a frontage on the street of 45 feet, with the yard and gardens behind the same, extending back to the lane on the east, a frontage thereon of 38.5 feet, the whole depth of the premises, from the High-street to the lane, being 385 feet, more less. Note.—To this Lot there are 2 Horse, or 4 Cow Commons attached ; it subject to an annual quit rent of eight-pence, payable to

Lot 2.—A PLOT or Piece of GROUND on the north side of Church-Lane, (being the site of four Tenements lately burnt down, and the gardens thereto.) having a frontage in Church lane of 67.5 feet, and extending back 151 feet, more or less.

The particulars may be had of Frederick Tubb, builder, Hungerford, who will show the lots ; at the principal Inns in Hungerford ; and of the Auctioneer, Land and Estate Agent, Market-place, Newbury.


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