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On this page is a gallery of all the pictures that have been taken and uploaded to the web site.

The page is currently showing the pictures for the year: 2018

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Gallery for the year 2018


Beetles and Burial Grounds
Date of news item: 26 November 2018
Author: Ros Clow

World War Words
Date of news item: 19 November 2018
Author: Ros Clow

There's Gold in Them Thar Hills
Date of news item: 31 July 2018
Author: Brian Sylvester

What a difference a week makes
Date of news item: 11 July 2018
Author: Ros Clow

A toilet at last!
Date of news item: 13 April 2018
Author: Ros Clow

School Children visit the Cemetery
Date of news item: 02 March 2018
Author: Paul Thompson

Rehearsals Start for New Play
Date of news item: 24 February 2018
Author: Ros Clow




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