Jane Seward

Author: Brian Sylvester
Date published: 01/09/2018

In my researches I came across two ladies of this name - both born at nearby Ashford Hill and both Primitive Methodists.
She apparently married here in Newbury on 14 Oct 1869 to CHARLES HISCOCK at the PM Church in Bartholomew Street Newbury, but was later buried in Ashford Hill, so not one of our residents!
The other lady I was looking at, JANE SEWARD (nee North), died in 1929, and is buried in Newtown Road. 
The latter's obituary may be found on ..http://www.fnrcnewbury.org.uk/biography.asp?BiogID=172 and this has been passed to the Primitive Methodists for inclusion on their website.
Her family tree is on: http://www.hutchins-genealogy.org/tng/getperson.php?personID=I5544&tree=hu1 together with her husband SAMUEL SEWARD who would appear to be a brother to the first Jane.
Brian Sylvester January 2018


Sources:various sources

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