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  Francis THOMAS
  04 July 1861
  Large headstone on plinth with kerbstones
  Headstone: In loving memory of / Francis Thomas / who died July 4th 1861 aged 44 years/ Also Caroline / wife of the above / who died May 23rd 1892 aged 71 years / "Thy will be done"
  Leaning, poor
  CH6 (E )
  05 September 2016
  JB & SK
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Caroline THOMAS

Cemetery Accounts Record

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Francis Thomas
08 July 1861
Consecrated Ground - Common Interment
Rev'd. J.L. Randall



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Francis Thomas
Article source:    Reading Mercury
Date of source:    13 July 1861
Copyright:    © Reading Mercury




Funeral of Oddfellow.—


The interment of Mr. F. Thomas, auctioneer, of this town (whose death happened somewhat suddenly on Thursday morning week), took place at the Newbury Cemetery Monday morning last, at eight o'clock. The deceased had been member of the Jack of Newbury Lodge of Oddfellows for eight years, and was much respected. The members of the Jack of Newbury and Briton' s Pride Lodges, to the number of sixty, attired in black silk scarfs and aprons bound with black, testified their esteem for their late brother by following his remains to their last earthly resting place.


The early hour of burial and the imposing nature of the procession caused the streets through which the cortege passed to be lined with spectators. The long line of followers, "with slow and measured steps," added to the solemnity of the scene, and produced vivid contrast to the joyous procession of last week. Much sympathy is felt for the widow, who is thus bereft of her earthly protection and left to struggle with a numerous family.


We understand the funeral was to have taken place on Sunday last, but the authorities of the Newbury Cemetery have passed a bye-law prohibiting burials on Sundays. We refer our readers to a letter on this subject in our columns.


Reading Mercury - Saturday 13 July 1861



Sources:Reading Mercury Saturday 13 July 1861

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Francis TRhomas
Article source:    James H Lucas
Date of source:    09 July 1861
Copyright:    © as above








Sir,?The public will no doubt be surprised to learn that the Newbury Cemetery is closed against funerals on the Sabbath day. I believe the object of the Cemetery Company was to provide a sufficient burial place for the town, in consequence of the crowded state of the church and chapel burial grounds. Burials on Sundays were never refused at either church or chapel; this proceeding of the Cemetery Company must therefore be regarded as an infringement of the privileges, if not the rights, of the inhabitants.


The death of Mr. Thomas having occurred last week, under circumstances which necessitated an early burial, application was made to the Cemetery Authorities to have the funeral on Sunday last, that being the latest period to which it should bo delayed. The reply to this application was " We have a Bye Law which prohibits funerals on the Sabbath." Recourse was then had to the directors and shareholders, not one of whom appeared to be aware of the existence of such a law, and many expressed their indignation of the refusal that had been given. This being a case of necessity, the directors were again applied to for their consent and authority to bury, which were readily granted, and the Rector kindly undertook to perform the burial service.


These facts were communicated to the Secretary but still without success, the answer being "The law is in existence, and cannot be altered except at a meeting of the Directors." The consequence was, the funeral was obliged to be delayed till Monday morning, at eight o'clock, at which hour it took place. I believe it would be difficult to find another place in the kingdom, where the Cemetery would be shut against such a case as this. And I also very much doubt whether the Company have the power to keep such a law, as will close the only graveyard against the inhabitants.


On behalf of the public, and also on behalf of the Society to which the deceased belonged, I deem it my duty to call public attention to this matter, hoping, as the half-yearly meeting of the shareholders is announced for the 23rd inst., that such an arbitrary and inconsistent law may be unanimously rescinded.


I am, Mr. Editor, yours respectfully,


Newbury, July 9th, 1861.

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Francis Thomas
Article source:    Berkshire Chronicle
Date of source:    06 July 1861
Copyright:    © Berkshire Chronicle




July, 4, very suddenly, Mr F Thomas, aged 47, auctioneer, Market-place, Newbury

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Francis Thomas
Article source:    Berkshire Chronicle
Date of source:    28 September 1861
Copyright:    © Berkshire Chronicle




We are pleased to hear that at a summoned meeting of the members of the Jack of Newbury Lodge of Oddfellows, five guineas were awarded to the widow of the late Francis Thomas, auctioneer, of this town, in addition to the 12 shillings funeral donation allowed by the society. Mrs Thomas is left totally un-provided for with a family of six children, unable to obtain a livelihood, and expecting to be confined very shortly. We believe this case to be deserving of consideration of the benevolent, and we would impress the noble and charitable act of the Oddfellows upon the Freemasons, of which fraternity Mr Thomas was a member. Mr Newton, Northbrook-street, would be pleased to receive any contribution on her behalf.

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Francis Thomas
Article source:    Reading Mercury
Date of source:    13 September 1856
Copyright:    © Reading Mercury




SERIOUS ACCIDENT – On Friday night last, an accident of a serious nature occurred to Mr Francis Thomas, auctioneer, Newbury. He was returning towards home from Eastbury, and about twelve o’clock, when he reached the corner of the road by Donnington Grove, intending to get into the Speen road by the Hare and Hounds public-house, he was driven into by a four-wheel carriage, which came from the opposite direction. The effect of the collision was to throw him violently from his gig, severely fracture his head, and otherwise injure him. He lay insensible on the ground for more than an hour, and when consciousness returned, he raised himself, and with great difficultly contrived to reach his home, where he now lies in a very precarious state. Immediately after the accident, Mr Thomas’s horse proceeded into Newbury, and stopped at its master’s residence. Some of the family, of course, went to the door as usual, but great was their surprise to find no one in the gig. As the cushion was missing, they supposed that he had been robbed and ill-treated, and some of them at once drove back in the direction of Eastbury in search of him, but, owing to the darkness of the night, were unable to discover him, though from the distance they travelled, they must have passed him as he lay insensible on the ground. Mr Thomas was on the right side of the road when the collision occurred, and the driver of the carriage must have been conscious that injury was done to someone. It was therefore exceedingly strange and showed a want of feeling that he did not pull up to render assistance.   Steps and being taken to endeavour to discover the party, and we hope they will be successful.

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

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