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Benjamin Sharp
28 March 1861
Consecrated Ground - Private Grave
Rev'd. W. Milton



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Benjamin Sharp
Article source:    Reading Mercury
Date of source:    30 March 1861
Copyright:    © Reading Mercury




SUDDEN DEATH: - Another instance of the uncertainty of life occurred in this town on Sunday night, in the death of Mr Benjamin Sharp, aged 72, and an inquest was held on Monday evening, in the Council Chamber, before Joseph Bunny Esq., Borough Coroner, when the following evidence was given: - Martha Lailey, said that she lived as servant to Mr Walter Wheeler, at the “Drummer” Beer House, Northcroft-lane, and had known the deceased about four years. He went to church twice on Sunday, and appeared in his usual health; after returning from the evening service about eight o’clock, he went into the tap room, and had a pint of beer. There were no other persons in the room; he seldom had any supper. About half-past nine o’clock he went towards the stairs to go to bed, and asked witness to pull off his shoes, which she did; she had done this before for him. He appeared very feeble, and had been so for a long time, but did not complain. He then went upstairs to bed, and that was the last time she saw him alive. Mrs Sarah Wheeler, the landlady, said that the deceased had lodged at their house between 12 and 13 years. He went to church twice on Sunday, and appeared in his usual health. He did not complain, and he ate his dinner very well on Sunday, and appeared cheerful. She saw him after he came from the evening service at church; he had a pint of beer, and soon after nine o’clock he went to bed. She saw her niece, Martha Lailey, take off his shoes, and he then went to bed. Finding that he did not get up on Monday morning at his usual time, witness went upstairs and called to him, but not receiving an answer, she went into his room, and found him, quite dead, in the bed, lying on his right side, as seen by the jury. He had been an intemperate man until within the last three years, when he became steady. Witness did not know that the deceased had any relations, as no one ever called to see him. He had money in funds. The jury returned a verdict of “Died by the Visitation of God from Natural Causes.”


This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Benjamin Sharp
Article source:    Berkshire Chronicle
Date of source:    30 March 1861
Copyright:    © Berkshire Chronicle




SUDDEN DEATH: - A case of sudden death occurred to Mr Benjamin Sharp, aged 72 years, on Monday morning last. The deceased resided at Northcroft Lane, and was well known in the town. On Sunday he went to church both morning and evening, and came home and had his supper. He afterwards went to bed, and then appeared in his usual good health; but when the landlady went to call him about seven o’clock the next morning he did not answer. She then went into his room and found that he was dead. An inquest was held on the body the next morning, before J Bunny Esq., coroner, and a verdict of “Died by the Visitation of God” was returned.

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

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Benjamin Sharp
Benjamin Sharp


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