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Memorial Details

  William DREDGE
  04 March 1856
  Ledger slab on base
  Sandstone with engraved letters
  From top of ledger: Sacred to the Memory of/ William Dredge/ Alderman of this/ Borough/ who departed this life/ March 4th 1856/ aged 64 years./ Also of / David Dredge/ who died Sept.22nd 1866/ aged 76 years./ Also/ George Dredge/ who died March 28th 1872/ aged 78 years/ Interred in St Nicolas Churchyard.
    Inscription includes memorial to George Dredge, buried at St Nicolas Churchyard.
  02 April 2013
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Cemetery Accounts Record

The information below is derived from the Newbury Cemetery company Accounts ledgers.

William Dredge
10 March 1856
Unconsecrated Ground - Brick Grave
Rev'd. H.R. Young



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

William Dredge
Article source:    Reading Mercury 8 March 1856 and 16 November 1850 and Berkshire Chronicle 4 April 1857
Date of source:    08 March 1856
Copyright:    © Reading Mercury and Berkshire Chronicle





MAYOR 1843, 1850 and 1851




We regret to announce the death of Mr. William Dredge, who expired on Tuesday evening, the 4th instant, in the 64th year of his age. The state of the deceased gentleman's health had been such as to create considerable alarm among his relatives and friends for some time past, and consequently the melancholy event had been rather anticipated.

In the passing of the Municipal Act, in 1835, Mr. Dredge was elected a member of the Town Council and served the office of Mayor three times, viz., in 1843, 1850, and 1851, and was first elected an Alderman in 1841; he was also a Magistrate of the Borough, and a Trustee of the Municipal Charity Estates, and filled the office of a Guardian of the Union for the town for many years; his attendance at the Board was most punctual. In fact the deceased manifested the greatest zeal in all matters that tended to benefit the interests of his native town.

The vacancy in the Corporation occasioned by the lamented death of Mr. Dredge must be filled up within 10 days; and as in all probability the new alderman will be chosen from the councillors, the burgesses will be shortly called upon to elect a proper person to fill the office of councillor.




Since the appointment of these Trustees (47 in number) in 1837, there have occurred six deaths- viz, Mr. Avery, Mr. Brown, Mr. John Flint, Mr. J. Bunny, Mr. M. James, and Mr. Wm. Dredge.

There have been also four removals of parties, who now reside at too great a distance to assist in conducting the business of the Charities- viz. Rev. Joseph Birchall, Mr. T. Leonard, Mr. G. Payne, and Mr. Hazell and the remaining seven are Messrs. E. W. Gray, J.Alexander, T. Simmons, John Kimber, J. Bodman, M. Willis, and Dr. Brown.


Reading Mercury 8th March 1856


OUR obituary this week contains the demise of Mr. William Dredge of this town, which has caused several public offices to become vacant, namely, alderman of the borough, justice of the peace, and trustee of the municipal charities. This gentleman had been a member of the civic body ever since the passing of the Municipal Act in 1835; he had served the office of Mayor three times, and was elected an alderman in 1841. In religion he was a Unitarian; his political principles were of the old radical school, and he was very popular amongst the poorer classes of the town.


TOWN COUNCIL- According to the Municipal Act the office of alderman must be filled up within 10 days of such vacancy occurring, which has been occasioned by the death of Mr. Dredge; therefore, should the alderman be elected from the councillors, an election for a member of that body will shortly take place. Several candidates have been named, but we would advise our townsmen not to promise their votes too soon, as, no doubt, some gentleman who holds a position and a stake in the town will be induced as a duty to come forward on this occasion as a candidate to represent the interests of the borough.


Berkshire Chronicle


TOWN COUNCIL – The adjourned meeting of the Town Council was held yesterday (Friday). There were present -Wm Dredge, Esq., Mayor, Aldermen Simmons and Higgins; Councillors Gray Turner, Hickman, Adey, Mason, Martin, Deller, Boyer, Fidler, Carter, Wilson and Keens.

Before the business was commenced the Mayor rose and stated that having been elected to the office in his absence, and unsolicited on his part, he would endeavour to discharge his duties to the best of his abilities, and hoped that his conduct would be such as would give satisfaction to the town at large.

The late Mayor then placed the borough seal in the new Mayor's hands. The minutes of the last meeting having been read.

Mr. Gray read the report of the financial committee; it was rather long, but the following is the epitome of it;- “Our present report will demand a greater degree of your attention than any similar document has required, in so far as this borough is concerned, since the passing of the Act 5 and 6 William 4th c 76....

Reading Mercury 16th November 1850


After his death the following notice appeared



situate in Northbrook-street, Bartholomew-street, Madeira-place,

West-street, Wash Common, NEWBURY, Berks.



MR ALEXANDER DAVIS is instructed by the executors of the late William Dredge, Esq., to Sell by Public Auction, early in the month of May, the above named Properties, comprising valuable Building Plots, Dwelling-houses, Villas, small private Dwellings and Cottages, which will be arranged in Lots suitable for purchasers.

Full particulars in future papers, and of Messrs. Gray and Godwin, Solicitors, Newbury, Berks.

Berkshire Chronicle 4th April 1857


Sources:Reading Mercury 8 March 1856 and 16 November 1850: Berkshire Chronicle 4 April 1857


Referred to in Richard Godfrey's book "Newbury Borough Police 1836-1875” 
ISBN 978-0-9560926-0-1  Pages 9, 37-9, 119-120


Very much involved in riots of July 1852 when the Riot Act was read



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