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Death Information

   Stanley Albert Ferdinand Calise
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Stanley Albert Ferdinand Calise
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Burial Information

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   Stanley Albert Ferdinand  Calisé
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Date of burial:
   04 February 1910
Abode at death:
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   Craven Road, Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1899
Page number: 183
Record number: 8664
Official at burial:
   L.R. Majendie (Rector)
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  Burial Register
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Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Stanley Albert Ferdinand Calise
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    01 February 1910
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News






The funeral took place on Friday afternoon of the late Mr. Albert Ferdinand Calisé. Who died at his aunt's residence in Craven-road, at the early age of 22. The first part of the service was conducted at the Parish Church, where he had been choir-boy and server for a number of years, the Rector (Rev. Lionel Majendie) officiating. The mourners included the Misses Todd and Calisé (aunts), also two boys in uniform, one of whom was a corporal in Mr Calisé's ambulance squad, and the other a member of his Bible class, who were sent by the captain to represent the St. Andrew's Church Lads' Brigade, of which deceased was lieutenant during his residence at Uxbridge.


Many friends were present in church. The coffin was of polished elm, and a brass Calvary cross covered the lid. Among the wreaths contributed by relatives and friends were “His sorrowing loved ones,” Senora A. Albeniz, Rev. A.H. Newbold, Mr. and Mrs W. Burton, Mrs Bell and family, Nurse Roche, Mr. and Mrs Harris, Master Jack Russell, Teachers at West-street School, officers and lads of the Uxbridge Company of the L.D., C.L.B., Fellow assistants at Waterloo House, Old assistants at the Drapery Bazaar etc.


The deceased, after serving an apprenticeship at the Drapery Bazaar, took an engagement at Uxbridge, but pneumonia followed an attack of influenza, he went to Mount Vernon Hospital, Hampstead, for open-air treatment. He was brought home early in November, but he gradually sank and died, being very patient under severe suffering. He was a worthy young fellow, and death at such an early age caused much sorrow among relatives and a large circle of friends.


Newbury Weekly News Feb 1910


BMD Stanley Albert F. Calisé born Dec Q 1887 Kensington 1a 144

          Death apparently not registered.


          Aunt was Clementine F. Calisé aged 67 who died Newbury 2c 314

June Q. 1917. See also her obituary. She was former headmistress of West Street Infants School.


Sources:Newbury Weekly News February 1910




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