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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Charles Midwinter
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   18 February 1916
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   Newnham, Howard Road,
Burial register information:
Book number: 1899
Page number: 285
Record number: 9478
Official at burial:
   J W Harford
Source of information:
  Burial Register
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Memorial Details

  14 February 1916
  Kerbstones with small headstone
  On headstone: In Loving Memory / of / Sophia Mary / wife of Charles Midwinter / At rest June 16th. 1891 / aged 69 years. / Also of Charles Midwinter / Feb. 14th 1916 aged 94 years / Reunited / Ellen Smith eldest daughter of the above. At rest April 7th 1940.//
  Low headstone at W end. Kerbstones on three other sides. Bevelled cross cornerstones. Ellen Smith details below ground.
  01 March 2012
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Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    17 February 1916
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News



Mr, Charles Midwinter, who passed away at his residence, “Newnham,” Howard-road, on Monday last at the advanced age of 94, was one of oldest inhabitants, in deed he is spoken of as having been the oldest male of the borough. He was a native of Reading, but the family settled in Newbury when he was eight years old.

For many years he was with the late Mr. John Shaw, Corn Merchants of the Market Place, subsequently Shaw and Morcom. On the dissolution of this partnership, Mr. Midwinter started in business on his own account at 7, Cheap-street, where in conjunction with his son and grandsons, the business has been carried on for many years. Mr. Midwinter took no part in public affairs, although he was keenly interested and even enthusiastic in the progress of political movements having for their object the welfare of the people. He was a lifelong Liberal.

His membership of the Newbury Congregational Church extended over a period of 75 years, and in his early manhood he rendered constant and most acceptable service as a lay preacher at the village stations of the church. His chief claim, however, to remembrance consists in his services as Superintendent (rendered for a period of 16 years) at the Weston Congregational Sunday School, and during the later years of his life, most refreshing testimony to the good done has been borne by old scholars, who rarely passed the business premises without calling in to see him.

Mr. Midwinter was a very careful and successful gardener, being a frequent prize winner in various classes at the Horticultural Society's shows. His garden was always a pattern of neatness and beauty, and he spent many happy hours in the indulgence of his hobby. His robustness of mind and body were remarkable, so much so that he had been laid aside for only a comparatively few months.

Mr. Midwinter was loved and honoured by a large circle of friends, but especially by the children, who delighted to listen to his wise and cheery conversation, and many a boy and girl will long remember him and the gifts of fruit that he often handed them over the old garden gate at “The Poplars.” On his last utterances during the period of sub-consciousness was “Give the boy an apple” and such Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love, were characteristic of the whole of his long and beautiful life.

Mr. Midwinter married a daughter of the late Mr. William Allen, Millwright, of Newbury. She pre-deceased him in 1891, since which period he has been lovingly cared for by his daughters. The family of the late Mr. and Mrs. Midwinter numbered four sons and six daughters, seven of whom survive.

The funeral will take place at the Cemetery, Newtown-road, tomorrow (Friday) at three o'clock.


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Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    24 February 1916
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News



The closing scene in relation to the lengthened life of Mr. Charles Midwinter took place on Friday last, when his remains were laid to rest in Newbury Cemetery besides those of his wife, who died as long ago as June 1891. The body was enclosed in polished coffin with brass furniture, the plate being inscribed

AGED 94.

The coffin was covered with many choice floral emblems, and was conveyed on a hand bier, the mourners following on foot. These were Mr. H.J. Midwinter (son), Mr. E. Midwinter (grandson), Master E. Midwinter (great grandson), Mr. H. Rogers, Mr. W.D. Milsom, Mr. E. J. Forster (sons-in-law), Mr. Alfred Allen (brother-in-law), Mr. R.W. Langford, Mr. J.T. Nash, also the employees of the firm, who lined up on each side of the roadway as the cortège entered the Cemetery as a last token of esteem and respect.

The first part of the service was at Newnham, the residence of the deceased, in Howard-road, which, together the committal service at the graveside, was taken by the Rev. J.W. Harford. Not withstanding the unfavourable weather, a large number of friends and neighbours were present at the Cemetery, including Messrs. W.J. Blacket, J.C. Slight, S. Walter, H. Baker (Reading), E. Salway, J. Salway, J. Wyse, Mrs. Penfold, Mrs. Gayfer, Mrs. Rosling, Miss Smith, Miss Prestoe, Miss Freeman, Messrs W. H. Keep, W.H. Paine, F. Penn, Goodman, Sainsbury, T.H. Cullum, A.M.Hedge, F.D. New, W. Heath (Enborne), T. Turner, Woodward and many others.

The floral emblems were from all his children, also his grandchildren; from Norah and Frank (grandchildren); Mr; Mrs Harold Turner Miss Gayfer and Miss Nash; Mrs Harold Turner (Eastbourne); Mrs. Arthur J. Chivers; Mr. F.H. Perry; Mr. and Mrs. T. Knight (Crowborough) and Miss Plank; Mr. and Mrs. W. Innes; Mr. and Mrs. A. Allen and the Misses E. and S. Allen; Miss Blanch Smith; Rose; Miss M. Sanderson; the employees of the firm of Messrs. C. Midwinter and son.

The grave was beautifully lined with moss and snowdrops by Mr. T. Mercer, former gardener of the deceased.

The funeral arrangements were carried out under the personal supervision of Mr. W.W. Penfold.

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

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