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Commonwealth War Grave

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Philip  Beckwith
Army Service Corps
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Death Information

   Philip Beckwith
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Death certificate for Philip Beckwith
Certificate provided by FNRC
Death certificate for
Philip Beckwith
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Maiden name:
Date of Death:
   15 October 1915
Age at death:
Date of birth:
(From death certificate)
Place of birth:
(From death certificate)
Place of death:
   14 Craven Street, Newbury
Usual address:
  Private Army Service Corps
Cause of death:
  1) Cerebral Haermorrhage 36 hours 2) Cardiac Failure Certified by G.A. Simmons
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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Philip Beckwith
Burial register image
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   18 October 1915
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   14 Craven Street,, Newbury.
Burial register information:
Book number: 1899
Page number: 280
Record number: 9437
Official at burial:
   The Rev'd. L R Maquire, Rector.
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

  Phillip BECKWITH
  15 October 1915
  WW1 Headstone
  Portland Limestone. Engraved
  Headstone: Buried in this cemetery. / M2 676383 Private / P. Beckwith / Royal Army Service Corps / 15th October 1915
    CWGC Headstone. Born in 1873 in Upton-upon- Chorley, Bucks, married to Annie, aged 42, & lived in East Bridgeford, Nottinghamshire. Billetted with A Rawlins, 14 Craven St. Died of natural cerebral haemorrhage. See FNRC website.
  01 November 2017
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Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Philip Beckwith
Article source:    Reading Mercury
Date of source:    23 October 1915
Copyright:    © Reading Mercury




Impressive Military Funeral.? 


A spectacle, with which, happily, hitherto Newbury has been more or less unfamiliar, was witnessed Monday afternoon, when the last rites were paid with all due solemnity to member of the 338th Company, Army Service Corps (Motor Transport), who passed away at his billet on the previous Thursday from hemorrhage on the brain. The deceased soldier was Private Philip Beckworth. whose home was at Nottingham, and who was 42 years of age, and married. He had been billeted on Mr. A. J. Rawlins in Craven Street, and was from here that the funeral took place.


The cortege was headed by a firing party, with arms reversed, were followed by the brass band of the company, which preceded the coffin, drawn on an ammunition wagon from the R.H.A., stationed at Churn, by six black horses. The coffin was covered with the Union Jack, and surmounted by the deceased's cap, belt, and bayonet case, as well as by several choice floral tributes.


Following the remains were the full strength of the company (with the exception of the loaders, who were away on leave), marching in fours. The impressive procession marched with slow and measured tread through Bartholomew Street the Parish Church, amid crowds of spectators, by whom the greatest respect was shown. The band played the Dead March in “Saul” en route. Arrived at the western door of the church, the coffin was carried by members the company to the entrance, where it was met the rector (the Rev. Lionel R. Majendie). who conducted the obsequies throughout. The company did not take part in the service in the church, but. the officers?Lieutenants Wheelhouse, Brown, and Paget - were present, and a large gathering townspeople. Mr. Ernest Watson officiated the organ, and performed the Dead March before the cortege quitted the church.


The procession was then re-formed, and marched to the Newtown Road Cemetery, the band again playing. At the conclusion of the burial service the firing party carried out the customary observance, and the Last Post was sounded. There were many floral tributes, every section of the company, as well as the officers, paying this token of respect.




Reading Mercury - Saturday 23 October 1915



Name on burial register:


Philip Beckwith


Age at death:



Date of burial:


18 October 1915

Abode at death:
(according to burial register)


14 Craven Street,, Newbury.

Burial register information:


Book number:


Page number:


Record number:




Official at burial:


The Rev'd. L R Majendie, Rector.


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various articles and Obit for Philip Beckwith
Article source:    BNA
Date of source:   
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The friends of  Mr. Beckwith will learn with regret of his sudden death at the comparatively early age of forty-two years, the cause of death being haemorrhage of the brain.  The deceased resided for some time at Elnleigh, and actively participated in public affairs of the district until his departure for Nottingham three or four years ago. He succeeded the late Rev. Studholme as representative of parish on the South Stoneham Board of Guardians. For a period, too, he occupied a seat on the Millbrook Parish Council, held the position of chairman of the parochial Conservative Association and Cricket Club, whilst he was also officially connected with several other bodies in Southampton and district. Upon leaving Millbrook Mr. Beckwith settled at Inglenook, East Bridgeford, Notts, and at outbreak of the war joined the A.S.C. as private, and it was at his billet at Newbury that his death occurred. That deceased was very popular with, his colleagues in the Company was testified by the floral tributes of esteem deposited on the grave, these including one from the officer commanding and officers of his Company, No. I, No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 Sections, N.C.O.’s and men of all the workshops, and Corporal Knight. The body was conveyed on an ammunition waggon horsed and manned the Berks R.H.A. The route to the church lined with a large number of sympathetic spectators, and after the service the organist played the “Dead March” from Saul. The band of the Company preceded procession to the cemetery playing a funeral match, and close of the service three volleys wore fired, the bugler following with the "Last Post.“ The mourners included Mrs. P. Beckwith (widow), Mrs. Phillips (mother), and Miss Clark (sister-in-law).


The death of Private Philip Beckwith, referred to in another part of this issue, has removed a man who was for several years one of the mainstays of Millbrook Cricket club. For three seasons he was chairman of committee, and his work in that position will not soon be forgotten by the older members. It was like him to have joined as a private on the declaration of war, and thus endeavour “do his bit” for his King and country. He has passed away, and amongst the large crowd of spectators present at the military funeral at Newbury could have regretted his decease more than his old friends in the local cricket club, for which he worked so energetically and whole-heartedly,

Hampshire Advertiser  30/10/1915 Both articles on page 7



A Notts motor engineer named Philip Beckwith, residing at East Bridgford, brought an unsuccessful action in the Nottingham County Court, yesterday, against the London and Lancashire Assurance Co., Ltd., for a declaration that insurance policy issued by them on October 8th. 1913, was valid on February 9th, 1914, and for the payment in connection therewith of £58 15s. in addition to £7 for unexpired premium. Dr. Tinsley Lindley, barrister, explained that Beckwith had a motor insurance policy under which £l2 13s. 9d. was paid for an accident in November. In February, when plaintiff’s car was being driven by his chauffeur, there was another accident, but when defendant company were applied to for payment under the policy they refused to pay the ground that Beckwith had been convicted of driving to the common danger. Afterwards the company complained that plaintiff had suppressed material facts of previous accidents, and that his policy had been refused by some other company.

His Honour found that the answers on the proposal form were not true, and dismissed the action with costs.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph  12/11/1914


RECKLESS MOTORIST. THIRTY MILES AN HOUR AND SWAYING. Philip Beckwith, East Bridgford, was summoned at the Shire Hall, Nottingham, to-day, for driving a motor car in manner dangerous to the public at Lowdham on Sunday evening last. He failed to appear, and wrote to say that his doctor advised him not to attend the court, as he was suffering from severe chill. Mr. P. Clayton, who prosecuted on behalf of the police, called witnesses who declared that the car was travelling at a speed of 30 miles hour, and swaying from side to side, on a 20 foot road, to the great danger of numerous pedestrians, both adult and juvenile. The Bench imposed fine of £5 5s. and costs, the Chairman (Mr. Geo. Fellows) remarking that the defendant had aggravated his offence not appearing.

Nottinghamshire Evening Post   12/07/1913


In January 1914 he was involved in a motor accident and charged for driving in a manner dangerous to the public.  This was his third offence.  Prosecution intimated that he had too much to drink but this was denied.  He was fined £10 and his licence suspended to the end of the year


His garage is listed in the 1916 Wright’s Directory, Nottingham     Motor Garage Cana

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