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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Rosa Bell
Burial register image
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   05 December 1914
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   Market Place,, Newbury.
Burial register information:
Book number: 1899
Page number: 264
Record number: 9312
Official at burial:
   John Neville
Source of information:
  Burial Register
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Memorial Details

  Rosa BELL
  02 December 1914
  Four kerbstones and scroll carving at centre
  Limestone with inlaid letters
  From top of Scroll: In Loving Memory of Rosa Bell/ who died Dec. 2nd. 1914 aged 50 years./ Also In Ever Loving memory of Walter Henry Bell born June 6th. 1860, died March 5th. 1932. / South kerbstone: " God calls our loved ones but we lose not wholly/ what He hath given./ They live on Earth in thought and deed as truly/ as in His Heaven."
  04 March 2013
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Walter Henry BELL



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Rosa Bell
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News and Mrs Pattison
Date of source:    10 December 1914
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News









General and sincere sympathy has been expressed with Mr. Walter Henry Bell, architect of the Market Place, in the loss of his wife, after a prolonged illness. The deceased lady was of a kindly and gentle disposition, and enjoyed the affection of a large circle of friends. She sustained a severe shock by the death of her youngest daughter, Miss Elsie Bell, under tragic circumstances, eighteen months ago. She suffered from a distressing malady, but maintained throughout a cheery spirit to the end.


The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, at Newbury Cemetery. The body, enclosed in a French polished coffin, with solid brass mountings, having solid breastplate engraved

“Rosa Bell

Died December 2nd 1914”


was placed in an open car, followed by a carriage containing Mr. Walter H. Bell, (husband), Mr. Fritz Bell (son), Mr. John Bell (brother-in-law), and Mr. W.H. Gore, and on arrival at the Cemetery, was met by several friends, among whom we noticed Mrs. H. Hollands, Mrs. Horace Cox, Mr. Hedley Griffin, Mr. Thomas Stillman, and others.


The floral tributes of affection and esteem were very numerous, the car being literally covered outside and in. Wreaths, crosses and flowers, were received from the following: “In everlasting remembrance, from her affectionate Husband.” “To dear mother, with love, from Dorothy and Fritz; Jeff and Ernest, her loving sister, Sarah, and niece; Harry and Lucy, Alan and Roland; Ivy and Willie; John and Annie; Dr Copplestone; Nurse Low; A. Beams; Mr. and Mrs. F. Keep; Mr. and Mrs. J. Stroud (Cold Ash); Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lees (Reading); Mrs. H. Hollands and Alfred; Mr. and Mrs. H. Baker (Reading); Mrs Arthur J. Chivers; K. and D. Kimber; Winnie; M. and N. Matthews; Eva; Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Day and daughters; Ella (Bicester); Alice (Hove); Mr., Mrs. and Miss Rankin; Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Davey and family; Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Kimber and Frances; Mr. and Mrs. Withers, Maud and Lily; Mr. and Mrs. Horace C. Cox; Mr. and Mrs R.G. Croxford; Mr. and Mrs. Danford Skinner; E.B. Smart; Hedley; the Staff and Students of the Newbury Art School.


The service was impressively and sympathetically conducted by the Rev. John Neville.

The arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Alfred Jackson and Co., Newbury.

Newbury Weekly News 10 December 1914

Mrs. P. p. 15 w.67

Died 2 December 1914 aged 48 in Burial Register. Address: Market Place.

Bk.1899 p. 264 No. 9312

Also Walter Henry Bell born 6 June 1860 died 5 March 1932


BMD Deaths Dec.Q 1914 Rosa Bell aged 48




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