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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   James Porteus Jackson
Burial register image
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   01 October 1906
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   Genesta, West Hill Road,, Bournemouth
Burial register information:
Book number: 1899
Page number: 125
Record number: 8195
Official at burial:
   R Wickhamlegg
Source of information:
  Burial Register
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Memorial Details

  James Porteous JACKSON
  26 September 1906
  Chest tomb
  Sandstone with engraved text
  East face of tomb: In Loving Memory of/ Ellen, wife of / James Porteus Jackson/ who died at Eastbourne/ July 15th. 1892/ aged 70 years. "Her end was peace." / Also of/ James Porteus Jackson/ who died at Bournemouth/ Sept 26th. 1906/aged 89 years. North face of tomb, left panel: In Memory of/ James Porteus son of James Porteus and Maria Elizabeth Jackson/ who died April 23rd. 1861/ aged 21 years. Also of John/ son of the above/ who died Oct.15th. 1868/ aged 20 years/ And of Frederick his twin brother/ who was drowned at sea Oct. 17th/ 1870 aged 22 years. North face of tomb, middle panel: Also of/ Henry son of / James Porteous and/ Ellen Jackson/ who died Nov.17th 1865/ aged 13 years./ And of Walter James/ son of the above/ who died Dec. 25th. 1870/ aged 7 years. South face of tomb, right panel: In Loving Memory of Laura Susan/ daughter of James Porteous and Ellen Jackson/ who died at Chester/ Nov.24th.1892/ aged 37 years and was buried at Eastham, Cheshire. "When thou liest down thou shall not be afraid, yea thou/ shall lie down and thy sleep/ shall be sweet.” South face of tomb, middle panel: In Loving Memory of/ Emma/ daughter of James Porteus and Maria Elizabeth Jackson/ died August 2nd. 1906/ aged 61 years.
  Poor much of script is eroded
    1. Text in red was missing from tomb but script was obtained from Mrs Pattison's book. 2. There are memorials to Frederick Jackson who drowned at sea and to Ellen Jackson who died and was buried in Cheshire.
  07 May 2013
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Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

James Porteous Jackson
Article source:    Reading Mercury
Date of source:    21 October 1848
Copyright:    © Reading Mercury



"On the 17th inst., deeply lamented, Maria, wife of Mr. Jas. Jackson, ironmonger, Newbury, aged 31 years."

Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:   
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News



The funeral of the late Alderman Jackson, J.P., whose death occurred on Wednesday week, at Bournemouth, as reported in our last issue, took place on Monday afternoon, when the large attendance of representative public men testi­fied to the respect and esteem entertained for the venerable alderman, who for over sixty years had been actively identified with the public life of the borough. The body, enclosed in a coffin of polished oak was conveyed by train from Bournemouth to Newbury and taken direct to the church of St John the Evangelist, in which the deceased had during the latter days of his life been a regular worshiper. The funeral service was fixed for a quarter past three, and there was a large congregation present, the seating arrangements being superintended by Mr Churchwarden Haldane.

Prior to the service, Miss Charters, who was at the organ, played appropriate selections, including Chopin’s “Funeral March," and two preludes by the same composer. The vicar (Rev. R. Wickham Legg) conducted the service in impressive manner. The body, in the coffin covered with flowers, was placed at the chancel steps, with the mace bearers, the maces draped with crape, standing sentinel at the head and foot. As the body was borne out of church, the organist played the “Dead March in “Saul”. The procession to the Cemetery was a long one. First the body, followed by the bereaved relatives; then the mace-bearers pre­ceding the Mayor, wearing his gold chain enveloped in crape, the aldermen, councillors, borough officials, borough magistrates, and mem­bers of the Board of Guardians, personal friends and townsmen generally. The interment took place in the vault, where rest other members of the alderman’s family.

The mourners were Mr. Arthur Jackson (son), Mrs. Dick. Mr Bruce Jackson, Mrs Wells Jackson, Mr Porteus Jackson, Mr Bruce Jackson, grandchildren; Mrs. Charles Jackson, Mrs Wells Jackson, Mr C. Strong, Miss Wilson, Miss F Wilson, Miss Hodgetts, Miss Plenty, Miss Eliza Bevis and Mr. Sydney Bevis, the two latter having been faithful servants for fourteen years. The Corporation was represented by the Mayor (Mr. Richard Hickman), Aldermen R. Ravenor and R. Long, J. P., Councillors S. Knight J.P., A. Jackson, J.P., E. Harris, J. Rankin J.P., W. E. Lewendon, J.P., F. C. Hopson, J. Stradling, T.H. Pratt, E. Gould, T. W. Turner, S.Knight, jun., and C. A. Hawker; Mr. F. Q. Louth (town clerk), Mr. John Mason (borough auditor). Mr. F. Comyns (Museum curator), Mr. S. J. Lee Vincent (borough surveyor), Mr. H. Pratt (Corn Exchange manager), Mr. Thomas Stillman (attendance officer).

The Borough Magistrates, In addition to those who are members of the Corporation, included Dr. Watson (Borough Coroner), Mr. Stephen Hemsted, Mr. F. J. Coldicutt, and Mr. W.Skinner.
Newbury Board of Guardians was represented by Mr. Richard Beynon (chairman), Miss Talbot, Mr. Hannibal Hill, Mr. C. Darrell, Mr. Stanley V. Pinninger (clerk), Mr. W. Church (Sanitary Inspector), Mr. A. J. Rawlins (relieving officer. Mr. Joseph Adey attended on behalf of the Newbury Steam Laundry Company. There was also present the Rector of Newbury (Rev. Lionel Majendie), the Mayoress of Newbury (Mrs Hickman), Rev. Oliver Slocock, Rev. C. B. Johnson, Rev. F. E. Overton, Rev. A. N. Acheson, Messrs. D. R. Jones, Edward Somerset, W. H. Pitman, E. L. Staples, W. Edwards, John Parker, J. F. Haldane. W. J. Brothers, J. W. H. Kemp, F. H. Stillman, J. S. Herbert, Edgar Stillman, A Floyd, F. Pocock, W. J. Dike, Miss Simmons, Mrs. Walter Penford, Miss Hodgetts, Miss F. Harrold, etc.

The Berkshire Constabulary sent a deputation of seven constables and two officers (Sergts. llott and Langman).

The floral tributes included those from the following: Mr. Arthur Jackson, Mr. P. Wells Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Jackson (New York), Mr. and Mrs. P. Wells Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Jackson (Armour, S. Dakota), Mr. and Mrs. J. Ferguson Dick, Mr. J. Porteus Jackson and Miss Louie Kington, Mrs. Charles Jackson and Mr. A. B. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jackson (Cairo), Mary Ethel; the Misses A. and F. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Gurney, Miss Hodgetts. Miss Florence Cox, Mr. and Mrs. G. Green, Elizabeth and Sydney, etc.

The coffin plate was inscribed: —

Died 26th September, 1906,
Aged 89.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Penford and Son, Newbury.

At the Parish Church on Sunday evening, the rector referred to the death of Alderman Jackson, "who for 27 years was faithful warden of the church during the most critical period if its history.” Mr. Liddle played the “Dead March,” the congregation standing. Subse­quently, Mr. Liddle gave a very fine rendering of Guilmant’s impressive “Funeral March.'’

Before the commencement of the usual busi­ness at the Newbury Board of Guardians on Tuesday, the chairman (Mr. R. Beynon) alluded to the death of the late Alderman Jackson, and suggested that they should instruct the clerk to convey a message of sympathy with the family. The Chairman went on to say that although Mr. Jackson was not a member of the Board when he died, he had been a Guardian for about twelve years. He thought so much of his duties as Guardian that he never missed a meeting except through ill-health, or absence from home. He (the chairman) was sure that it would be the unanimous wish of the Board that a message of sympathy in their bereave­ment be sent to the family. The motion was carried sub. silentio.

At the Borough Police Court on Friday Morning, Mr. F. J. Coldicutt, presiding, said he felt sure he was voicing not only his own feelings, but those of his brother justices and the townspeople generally, when he expressed their regret at the death of Alderman Jackson, who had sat on that bench for a lengthened period, and had filled other im­portant offices in the borough. Deceased had attained a great age, and throughout his life had proved himself a worthy citizen, straightforward, and honourable in all his dealings.

Mr. Jackson would be very much missed, and the magistrates desired to express their sincere sympathy with the surviving members of their late colleague’s family.

Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:   
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News



The mournful tidings reached Newbury yesterday (Wednesday) that Mr. Alderman Jackson, J. P. had passed away at Bournemouth, to which place he had gone about a month ago for the benefit of his health. The hoisting of the Union Jack half-mast at the Town Hall conveyed the sorrowful news to the townspeople, by whom it was not altogether unexpected, for was known that the deceased gentleman had been in a critical condition for some time. Alderman Jackson recently sustained a severe blow by the death of his daughter, who had been his companion and devoted nurse in , later years, and in the hope of recuperating he went Bournemouth, where for several years past he had derived so much benefit. At first the change proved wonderfully beneficial, and the Alderman hopefully spoke of returning to Newbury and renewing some of his activities. But there was a sudden and serious relapse from which he never recovered, and although his I wonderful vitality kept him going, old age at last told its tale, and this long life came to an end just before one o’clock yesterday.

A record of the life and public career of James Porteous Jackson, is practically the history of the borough for nearly seventy years. He re­ceived his early business training at Oxford, and coming to Newbury as a young man ac­quired the business of furnishing and practical ironmonger, in the Market-place, which he carried on for many years. He soon threw him­self into the public life of the town, and identi­fied himself with its institutions. He was an ardent musician, and was closely associated with the late Mr. James Henry Godding in the concerts he arranged. Mr. Jackson was a skil­ful violinist, and in 1865 played first fiddle at a performance of the “ Messiah,” when the orchestra consisted only of some half-a-dozen, a contrast with the big orchestras of today.

Mr. Jackson took his share of public duty, and entered the Town Council as long ago as 1844. There was a short break in the continuity of his membership, but for some sixty years he was on the governing body, and thus enjoyed the distinction of being the “ Father of the Corporation.” He served the office of Mayor in 1867, two years after his old friend and contemporary, Mr. John Hawe Mason, who still .survives, had presided over the memorable festivities of the Peace Celebration. In 1863 Mr. Jackson was elected an alderman on the resig­nation of Mr. Mason and continued to serve in that office up to the time of his decease, a period of 43 years, in itself an unique record. A director of the old Gas Company, he became chairman of the committee which undertook the management of the concern on its acquisi­tion. On resigning the position a few years later he became a keen critic of the manage­ment, and initiated many animated discussions at the Council meetings. Ald, Jackson also held very decided views on the drainage question, and never hesitated to express them fearlessly and honestly. As senior alderman it became his duty to propose new Mayors and thank those retiring from the civic chair. Then it was that he gave utterance in graceful terms to the ap­preciation of good services rendered, and generally managed to introduce a Shakespearian quotation wherewith to improve the occasion.

Mr. Jackson was a zealous Churchman, and served the office of Rector’s warden from 1858 to 1885, during which quarter-of-a-century he was associated with the great revival of parochial life and activity which marked the Rectorate of the Rev. James Leslie Randall, the present Bishop of Reading, which included such memorable events as the building of the National Schools in 1859, the Infant School in 1871, the restoration of the chancel in 1863, and the restoration of the Parish Church in 1867.

Another sphere of activity was at the Board of Guardians, of which Ald. Jackson was vice chairman for many years, only retiring from the same a year ago. ’ He was also chairman' of the Newbury Steam Laundry Company, of which he was one of the promoters.

Mr. Jackson was twice married. His first wife was a daughter of Mr. Wells, of Wash Common, and his second Miss Ellen Packer. There was a large family of sons and daughters by the two wives, but the Alderman sustained many domestic bereavements, losing his first wife in 1848, his second in 1892, and the majority of his children pre-deceased him. He was in his ninetieth year, and had outlived most of his contemporaries, two alone of whom remain, Mr. John Hawe Mason and Ald. Thomas Fidler. The body will be brought to Newbury for interment.

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

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James Porteous Jackson
James Porteous Jackson


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