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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Annie  Mathews
Burial register image
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   24 June 1902
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
Burial register information:
Book number: 1899
Page number: 049
Record number: 7590
Official at burial:
   Clifford Freud
Source of information:
  Burial Register
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Memorial Details

  21 June 1902
  Copestone on pedestal
  Sandstone with engraved letters
  North slope of copestone: Sacred to the Memory of/ George Basing/ who died November 17th. 1867/ in his 74th year. / Also Martha Basing/ died April 16th. 1888/ aged 88. South slope of copestone: Also John Edward Basing/ who died June 18th. 1881/ in his 47th year./ Also Richard Basing/ who died September 6th. 1893 aged 62 years. South face of pedestal: James George Mathews died Nov. 2nd. 1948. East slope of copestone: Also Annie Mathews/ who died/ June 21st. 1902/ aged 46 years. East face of pedestal: Martha A.W. Mathews/ who died May 16th. 1916/ aged 87 years.
  Poor, some lettering sheared off
    George Basing: Memorial says he died in 1867, but it was 1866 in Cemetery accounts and Free BMD.
  29 April 2013
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Other people list on this memorial

John Edward BASING
Richard BASING
James George MATHEWS



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Annie Mathews
Article source:    Mr R and Mrs J Willes
Date of source:    05 January 2015
Copyright:    © 



BASING  (Vault in Newtown Road cemetery)  (W 134)

7 interments in total

George BASING (saddler) died 1866, age 73, Bur. 24 Nov 1866 (NRC account books)

Martha BASING (wife) died 1888, age 88, Bur. 21 apr 1888 (NRC account books)

John Edward BASING (son) died 1881, age 46, Bur. 24 June 1881 (NRC account books)

Richard BASING (son) died 1893, age 62, Bur. 30 aug 1893 (NRC account books)


James George MATHEWS (grandson) died 1948

Annie MATHEWS (wife of J G M) died 1902

Martha A W MATHEWS nee BASING (daughter of George Basing) died 1919


George Basing {bpt. Chieveley October 1793} set up a saddlery business in Mansion House Street (later 6 Market Place) Newbury probably in the 1820's. His younger sons John and Richard were employed in the shop making saddles and harnesses, the eldest son George went to London, became a timber merchant and died in Isleworth in 1873. In the 1881 census James George Mathews (son of George's daughter Martha) was working in Chute, Wiltshire as a harness maker. (He was brought up in Newbury and went to St Bartholomew's Grammar School).  At the height of the horse-drawn era James had his own shop in the Broadway. When the motor car took over from horses, James retired and in 1927 bought No. 1 Donnington Square and the businesses were amalgamated at 46 Cheap Street as Basing and Mathews. The last directory entry is in 1963, by 1965 it was Poulter, estate agents


Sources 1881 Census, parish registers, directories and the obituary in the Newbury Weekly News for J G Mathews.



Mr R and Mrs J Willes


This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Annie Mathews
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News and Mrs Pattinson
Date of source:    25 June 1902
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News




The Late Mrs. Mathews.

– The death took place very suddenly on Saturday of Mrs. Mathews, wife of Mr. George Mathews of the Market-place.  The deceased lady, who had not been in the most vigorous health, was staying for a day or two with her mother, Mrs. Harrison, in Craven-street.  She was taken ill on Friday morning, and medical advice was immediately summoned, but she gradually sank and passed away on Saturday evening.  Mrs. Mathews was a member of an old Newbury family, and her husband was for many years Colour-sergeant of the Newbury Volunteers, and was the means of raising £16 to purchase presents for the Newbury men who went to the front.  The greatest sympathy is felt for the bereaved family.


The funeral took place yesterday (Tuesday) at the Cemetery, when there was a present a number of personal friends.  The Rev. Clifford Frend officiated.

 The mourners were : Mr. George Mathews (husband), George Mathews and Norman Mathews (sons), Misses Aggie and Mary Mathews (daughters), Mr. George Harrison, Miss Emily Harrison, Miss Kate Harrison (brothers and sisters), Mr. James Mathews (uncle), Mr. Willie Mathews (cousin), Mr. Ernest Church (Ridgmoor), Mr. Frederick Penn (London).


Wreaths were sent by the following : Her Husband, the Children, Mother and Sisters, George and Fanny, Alice and Jack, Lottie and Willie, Mr. and Mrs. A. Church and Mr. and Mrs. H. Booth, Miss Church, Mr. and Mrs. F. Comyns, Mr and Mrs. Wintle, Mr and Mrs. Gould and family, Mr. Watts (In loving memory of a true friend”, Mrs Offer, Mrs. Langford, Mrs. Butt and Lily, Mr. and Mrs. Beynon, Mr. and Mrs. Jones (Wolverton), Mr. and Mrs. Savage, Messrs. And the Misses Hall, Mr. and Mrs. F. Penn.  The oak coffin, with brass furniture, was inscribed:-

Annie Mathews

Died June 21, 1902

Aged 46 years

 The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. Charles Adey, of West Mills.

 Also – Maiden name was Harrison

            Married (James) George Mathews in 1880

 NWN 25/06/1902

Mrs P p. 21 W134

b. 1856

 Buried 24/05/1902

Book 1899 p. 049 No. 7590

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

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