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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Edward Wells
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   08 March 1927
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   2 Belvedere Drive, Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 114
Record number: 10508
Official at burial:
   Agnew W.G. Giffard
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

  Edward WELLS
  04 March 1927
  "On E kerbstone: In Loving Memory of // On N kerbstone: Edward Wells died March 4th. 1927 aged 79.// On S kerbstone: and Ada Elise, his wife, died Nov. 17th 1925 aged 81.//"
  Kerbstones with grass in middle. Subsiding severely to N.
  01 March 2012
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Ada Elise WELLS



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Article source:    NWN
Date of source:    10 March 1927
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We regret to announce the death of Mr. Edward Wells, which occurred on Friday at his residence, 2 Belvedere-drive. Newtown-road. The deceased gentleman was in his 80th year, having been born in 1847. He had been agreat sufferer during the last five years, but even up to the last he was always bright and cheerful. The deceased was the son of the late Mr. Job Wells, the founder of thee old-established business of Messrs. Job Wells and son, one of the few old-fashioned wine merchants left in the country. In those days not only the landed residents but the professional men and leading tradesmen in the town used to keep a wine cellar, in which they took a real pride. Both Mr. Wells and his father had a reputation for sound judgement, and would invariably consulted when wines were to be laid down. Although he never entered into the public life of the town, Mr. wells took a real interest in its welfare. He was a kindly and sympathetic nature, and those in trouble and distress never went to him in vain. He was a deeply religious man, a consistent Churchman of the evangelical type, and was the oldest supporter of the British and Foreign Bible Society in the town and district. In his younger days Mr. Wells was a very fine horseman, and thought nothing of riding over to Wallingford before breakfast. Mr. Wells built "Westmead," afterwards going to reside in Speen, and spending the evening of his days quietly at Belvedere-drive.

He married Ada Elise Giffard, second daughter of the late Colonel Giffard, Braye du Valle, Guernsey, and sister of the present Sir Henry Giffard. They had nine children, and celebrated their golden wedding some six years ago, the first break in the family only occurring late November twelvemonth when Mrs Wells passed away. The funeral took place on ..... day afternoon, the first part of the service being held at St John's Church. The service was taken by the Rev. Agnew Giffard, nephew, and by the vicar, the Rev. E.H. Stenning. At the close of the service Mr. A.H. Drury, F.R.C.O., who was at the organ, played the Dead March in "Saul". Afterwards the deceased was laid to rest by the side of his wife in the old Cemetery. The family mourners were Mr. and Mrs. E. Giffard Wells, Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Wells, the Rev. and Mrs. A.H. Wells, Mr. and Miss Amy Wells, Miss Gertie Wells, Miss Daisy Wells, and Mr. Maurice O. Wells (sons, daughters and daughters-in-law) , the Rev. Agnew Giffard and the Rev. Alec Giffard (nephews), Mr. Henry Wells, (Wallingford), Mr. Reginald Wells (Calcot), and Mr. Roderick Wells (grandson).  Others present included Miss Lisa Weinberg, Mr and Mrs. Ernest Hobbs, Mr. Broome Pinniger, Mr. F. Hickman, Mr. Stanley Hickman, Mr. Victor Corden, Mrs. Liddle, Miss Liddle, the Rev. F.D. Briscoe, Mrs. Walter Church, Miss Hearne, Mr. Hugh Turner, Miss G. Smith, Mr. S. North, Mr. A.C. Goddard, Miss Goddard, Nurse Duncan, Nurse Hawtin, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Dibley, and the following employees of Messrs Job Wells and son: A.J. Welch, A. Kimber, C. Fewtrell, F. Light, H. Allen, F. Hawkins and W.J. Leamon.

Floral contributions were sent by Mr and Mrs Gifford Wells, Mr and Mrs H D wells, the reverend and Mrs A H wells, Mr and Mrs J D wells, Mr and Mrs W A wells, Mr Maurice O Wells, the Misses Wells, Mrs J wells, Mrs Menzies, Marian Cecil and Roddie,  Gladys, Ted and Geoffrey; Mary Helen and Ben; Mr Henry W Wells, Reverend A W G and Mrs Gifford,; Mr and Mrs W J F Gifford, Mr and Mrs Rodrick Oliver, Mr D W Gifford, Mr and Mrs Ernest Hobbs, miss Gladys Hobbs, miss Vincent, miss Liza Weinberg, reverend W Belcher, Mrs Peat, and the Misses Belcher, Mrs and Misses Liddle, Mrs A L Kerr and family, Mr and Mrs Bernard Ramsey, the reverend E H and  Mrs stenning, miss b twig, miss V Tremlett, miss G Smith, Mr and Mrs G H Wildish, miss Annie Miles,  Miss Rose Turner, Mrs hall, Mrs Dibley, the men of the firm.

Newbury Weekly News 10 March 1927

Mrs P. p. 36 45A Died 4th March 1927 aged 78

Also Ada Elise, his wife died 17 November 1925 aged 81

Burials Book 1917 Page 114 No. 10508

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