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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Edith Ann Hopson
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   15 January 1941
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   St. Donats, Catherine Road, Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 230
Record number: 11440
Official at burial:
   Roy Chamberlain
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

  Edith Anne Hopson
  12 January 1941
  ILMO Joseph Herbert HOPSON, Aug. 25 1861, Jan. 21 1930./ Edith Anne HOPSON Sept. 13 1861, Jan. 12 1941. Justice of the Peace, Borough of Newbury. Edith Kate HOPSON March 5 1865 - April 14 1866./ Walter Brice HOPSON, Dec. 21 1867 - Nov. 8 1868.
  01 January 1980
  Mrs Patterson
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Joseph Herbert Hopson
Edith Kate Hopson
Walter Brice Hopson



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Edith Ann Hopson
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News and Mrs Pattison
Date of source:    16 January 1941
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News










A Life of Service to the Community


We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Edith Ann Hopson, which took place on Sunday evening at her residence, St. Donats, Catherine road, Newbury.


Mrs. Hopson, who was in her 81st year, had only been ailing for a few days. On the previous Tuesday she was attending the Mothers' Union service in the Newbury Parish Church. She was taken ill with gastric-influenza, so prevalent just now. This affected her heart and she died on Sunday.


The deceased lady was connected with two of the town's most prominent families, being the widow of Mr. Joseph Hopson, who predeceased her by eleven years, and the sister of Alderman James Stradling. She was the only daughter of the late Alfred Stradling, and was born at Great Marlow in 1860. The Stradlings came to Newbury in 1866.


Mrs Hopson was the second woman Justice of the Peace appointed to the Newbury Borough Bench- the first was the late Miss Myers. It is not always easy to appreciate the reason for every magisterial appointment, but in Mrs. Hopson's case it was eminently fitting and richly deserved. It was deserved because of her social and welfare work for the community, given unstintingly and unselfishly over a long period of years, and it was fitting because for 19years, until 1926, she served as honorary probation officer to the Borough Justices, and so was familiar not only with court procedure and routine, but with the circumstances which are so often at the root of many cases which come before the Bench. Because of this knowledge she was one of the justices set aside for the Children's Court.


Mrs. Hopson was a woman of high principles, firm conviction and fearless courage ion what she believed to be right. Perhaps her keenest interest was in all forms of temperance work, which she carried out and advocated at a time when temperance reformers were not at all popular. She had a strong religious faith, and was regular in her attendance at the Parish Church for over 70 years.


She was a supporter of all good works and institutions in the town. She showed a marked devotion to the Dispensary, of which she was the oldest member of the committee. She was always regarded as the “Mother of the Dispensary.” Mrs. Hopson had considerable business ability, and on the management side of this institution her advice was sound and invaluable. When there were any windfalls, such as when the premises were sold, or a grant was received from the Operatic Society, her advice was that these should be invested, rather than applied to current expenses, so as to ensure an income for the Dispensary for all time.


Included in her interests were nursing and child welfare. She was a member of the committee which for so many years was responsible for a nurse for the parish of St Nicholas, and when this was merged into the Town Nursing Association she was asked to join this, and her experience was of great value. She remained a member of the committee until a few years since, when she felt compelled to give up some of her public work. She was also co-opted by the Town Council as a member of the Maternity and Child Welfare Committee when this committee was first set on foot, and remained a member until last November.


Mrs. Hopson retained a keen interest in life until the end. Very few realised that she had passed her eightieth year. It was not until she was three score and ten that she took up gardening with no small success. She had a great devotion for flowers and birds. She was also a keen stamp collector. A loyal supporter of the League of Nations Union. It was a great grief to her when Hitler engulfed Europe in war, but she had faith in the future and that righteousness, justice and reason would in the end triumph.


Mrs. Hopson leaves one son, Mr. Paul Hopson, a Justice of the Peace and director of Messrs. Camp Hopson and Co. Ltd.


Many old friends, several of whom had been actively associated with Mrs. Hopson in public work, attended the funeral service at Newbury Parish Church yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon.

The officiating clergy were the Rev. G.C. Twist, Rev. Roy Chamberlain and the Rev. A.A H. Radice. The choir was in attendance and sang “God be in my head” (Walford Davies), while the organist, Mr. Gilbert Sellick, played “Deck thyself with gladness” (Bach) before the service and Hubert Parry's “Elegy” at the conclusion. The Psalm was “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills,” and “For all the saints,” the Nunc Dimittis being sung as the coffin was borne from the church.

The immediate mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hopson (son and daughter-in-law), Joy and Margaret Hopson (granddaughters), Alderman James Stradling (brother), Mr. Harry Stradling, Mr. Cyril Stradling, Mr. Jack Stradling (nephews), Mrs. Charles Stradling (sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. Bailey (niece), Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rose (niece), |Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McIlroy (niece), Mrs. Alfred Stradling, Miss Muriel Fidler, Mrs. D'Este, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Camp, Mr. and Mrs. B. de Castro, Mr. C.S.S. Cowper, Miss Pounds (maid), Mrs. Harry Hall, Mr. E. Fewtrell, Mr. Ford.

There follows a long list of the Borough Magistrates present followed by another list of others present, and a list of those who sent wreaths including

the Trustees of the Newbury Dispensary and Provident Medical Club; the St Nicolas' Womens Union; the staff of Messrs Camp Hopson and Co. Ltd.

Several friends, instead of sending flowers, sent a donation to the Newbury Dispensary.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Camp Hopson and Co. Ltd., Newbury.

Newbury Weekly News 16 January 1941

Buried 15 January 1941 Bk 1917 p. 230 no. 11440

Mrs P. p.9 S 25


Birth Edith Ann Stradling born Dec Q 1860 Wycombe 31 367


Joseph Herbert Hopson 25 August 1861- 21 January 1930 aged 68

Edith Kate Hopson 5 March 1865- 14 April 1866 aged 1

Walter Brice Hopson 21 December 1967-8 November 1968 aged 0

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

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Edith Ann Hopson

©Newbury Weekly News 16 January 1941
Edith Ann Hopson


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