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Alfred Charles Jessett
Royal Air Force
Son of Thomas and S. Jessett; husband of Elsie May Jessett, of Newbury.
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Death Information

   Alfred Charles Jessett
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Death certificate for Alfred Charles Jessett
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Death certificate for
Alfred Charles Jessett
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Maiden name:
Date of Death:
   27 December 1940
Age at death:
Date of birth:
(From death certificate)
Place of birth:
(From death certificate)
Place of death:
   12 Salcombe Road, Newbury
Usual address:
   12 Salcombe Road, Newbury
  Corporal R.A.F.
Cause of death:
  Suicide by strangling himself with a cord when the balance of his mind was disturbed.
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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Alfred Charles Jessett
Burial register image
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   01 January 1941
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   12 Salcombe Road, Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 230
Record number: 11438
Official at burial:
   ??????????? Chaplain RAF
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

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Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Alfred Charles Jessett
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    02 January 1941
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News



Corporal Alfred Charles Jessett






Well-known Newbury Ventriloquist



A Newbury man serving in the Royal Air Force, who took his life by strangling himself when home on sick leave, was stated to have an obsession that he would be shot upon returning to his unit, whereas, although he was not aware of it, he had received promotion in rank.


He was Corporal Alfred Charles Jessett, aged 50, of 12 Salcombe-road, Newbury.  Mr. Jessett was a well-known entertainer.  He was a ventriloquist and his services were much in demand at parties such as those arranged by Toc H for old folks.  With the children he was a great favourite as the worked his doll, which he called “Joe”.  For a time he was an A.A. Scout.


Mr Jessett served as a flight mechanic in the R.A.F. in the Great War, and being on reserve was re-called on August 25th of last year.  He was much liked by his colleagues.




An inquest was held on Saturday morning, being conducted by the Borough Coroner, Mr. S.V. Pinniger.


The widow, Mrs. Elsie May Jessett, who is Mr. Jessett’s second wife, said that at about 9.30 a.m. on Friday she left home on her bicycle to go to Gloucester-road, her husband being then in the living-room lacing up his boots.  He appeared to be quite all right.  Upon returning at about 10 o’clock she found he was not downstairs.  She called him but got no reply.  Then she went upstairs and discovered that the bedroom door was locked.  She split it open and could see deceased lying on the floor.  She got the coalman to help her to force the day wider and she saw that her husband was dead.  A piece of string was tied round his neck.


Mrs. Jessett said her husband had been home on sick leave for about three weeks and was due to return that day.  He had been very distressed from some time, especially since an incident which occurred at the place where he was stationed.  On the day before Christmas day he attempted to take his life in the same way.  His nerve was completely gone and he was obsessed with the idea that he would be shot when he returned to his unit.


Sergt. F.C. Costar said he was called to the house, and he found deceased lying on the bathroom floor.  He released the string from his neck and sent for Dr. Scott, in the meantime applying artificial respiration without success.  Dr. Scott arrived and pronounced life extinct.  Witness said there was a broken hook behind the bathroom door.


Dr. T.G. Scott said death was due to strangling from a cord tied tightly round the neck.


The coroner recorded a verdict that Mr. Jessett committed suicide by strangling himself with a cord when the balance of his mind was disturbed, and he expressed his very sincere sympathy with his widow, relatives and friends.


Squadron-Leader P.H. Giddings also expressed the sympathy of the officers and men of Corporal Jessett’s unit.  He said he was a very hard working man, efficient at his work and he was very popular among his fellow men.




The funeral took place yesterday (Wednesday) at the Old Cemetery, Newtown-road, Newbury, the Rev. R.S. Wilkie, R.A.F officiating.


The mourners were Mrs. Jessett (widow), Mr. Charles Jessett, Mr. Percy Jessett, Mr. Reg. Jessett (sons), Miss Lilian Jessett, Mrs. Tomlinson (daughters), Mrs. D. Higgs, Mrs. B. Atkins (sisters), Mr. and Mrs. Tom Prater (father-in-law) and mother-in-law), Mr. Stan Atkins (nephew), Mrs. Ella Jessett, Hungerford (sister-in-law), Mrs. C. Jessett (daughter-in-law).  The R.A.F. were also represented.


Wreaths were sent by: His sorrowing Wife; Charlie, Grace and baby; Lilian, Percy and Reggie; Alf, Beat and baby; “Daud”; Ted, Douglas and Doris; Bet, Marjorie and Bert; Fred, Tom and family (Hungerford); Stan, Emily and family; Mr. and Mrs. Beer; Mrs. Spicer, Mrs. White, Miss White and Mrs Dwelly; Albert, Bill, Bernard and Dennis (evacuees); the Officers, R.A.F.; the Group Captain and Members of his section, R.A.F.; Sergeants and Corporals, R.A.F.; the Airmen and Airwoman.

 Also -     1905 married Kate Louisa Salmon


              1938 married Elsie M Giddings



NWN 2/1/1941

 b. 1882 Hungerford

 d. 1940 Newbury















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Pictures and photographs

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Alfred Charles Jessett

©Daniel Jessett
Alfred Charles Jessett
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Alfred Charles Jessett

©provided by Roy Paulin
Alfred Charles Jessett
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Alfred Charles Jessett
Alfred Charles Jessett
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Alfred Charles Jessett
Alfred Charles Jessett
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Alfred Charles and Kate Louisa Jessett

©Amanda Pope
Alfred Charles and Kate Louisa Jessett
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Alfred Charles Jessett with "Joe"

©Amanda Pope
Alfred Charles Jessett with "Joe"
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Marriage certificate
Marriage certificate - Alfred Jessett and Louisa Kate Jessett
©General Register Office
Marriage certificate


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