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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Edmund Parfitt
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   09 April 1940
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   71 Newtown Road , Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 225
Record number: 11393
Official at burial:
   W. Kingsley Kefford
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

  Edmund Parfitt
  06 April 1940
  Grave Marker
  Left kerb: In Loving Memory /KATHERINE MAUD PARFITT / beloved wife of Edmund PARFITT died September 4th 1924. Right kerb: And of EDMUND PARFITT who passed away April 6th 1940 in his 88th year
  Fair, engraved letters
  15 June 2013
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Katherine Maud  Parfitt



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    11 April 1940
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News





        Not many speeches made by a man just after he has won an election will bear the light of day thirty-two years afterwards. But I came across a speech made by Mr. Parfitt at the conclusion of the count in the contest between him and Mr. Harry Dolton for the Town Council in 1908, which will stand being repeated as being typical of the man. Mr. Parfitt said "I should not have come out for this contest unless I had what I  considered a worthy opponent. I am proud to have fought Mr. Dolton and I told him after the court that I should like to see him in the Council. I am going to represent you broadly."
    Many other people re-echoed Mr. Parfitt's words, but unfortunately Mr. Dolton could not be persuaded to put up again.

Newbury Weekly News 11 April 1940.
This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Edmund Parfitt
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News 11 April 1940 and 9 April 2015
Date of source:    11 April 1940
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News





Perhaps the best public work done by Mr. Parfitt, whose death was announced this week, was for education.

This began even before the setting up of the Berkshire Education Committee – of which he was an original member- some 37 years ago.

But it was more personally shown as a Governor of the Newbury Grammar School and the Newbury County Girls School. The Girls School was the special delight of Mr. Parfitt.

I shall never forget the tremendous pride quietly shown in his smile as he acknowledged the Board of Education Inspector's report of June 1933 in the remark “Then it seems that we are- umph- perfect?”

His death recalls how brewing was not so many years one of the chief industries in the town. The South Berks Brewery company, which he controlled, was a combination of four breweries- the West Mills brewery, the Atlas brewery and Westcombe's brewery, both in Bartholomew-street, and the Diamond brewery (Flint's) in Cheap-street.

All these were at one time separate breweries, the West Mills brewery having been founded as far back as 1698. The South Berks Brewery was purchased by the firm of H and G Simmonds Ltd of Reading in 1920. This firm also purchased the Newbury Brewery, Northbrook -street, in 1930 and two or three years back, Adnams Brewery Speenhamland. Now no beer is brewed in Newbury.

Newbury Weekly News 9 April 2015 in “Old Memories Revived” recalling an item in the paper of 11 April 1940.

Mrs. P. page 193 in Na 1 having died 6th April 1940, along with Katherine Maud his wife, who died 4th September 1924.

He was buried on 9th April, aged 88, having come from 71 Newtown-road,

Book 1917 Page 225 no. 11393

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Edmund Parfitt
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News and Mrs Pattison
Date of source:    11 April 1940
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News








Forty-five years Member of the Berkshire County Council


We regret the death of Mr. Edmund Parfitt in his 89th year, the second oldest member of the Berkshire County Council, of which he was an alderman. Mr. Parfitt died on Saturday at his residence, Montville, Newtown-road. He had been ill for about three week, death following an attack of influenza, bronchial trouble and congestion.


Mr. Parfitt was the son of the late Edmund Parfitt, of The Abbey, Beckington, near Frome, and was born at Longbridge Deverill, Wilts. He was educated at the City of London School, being a contemporary, and in the same form as Lord Oxford and Asquith (Mr. Asquith), the Liberal Prime Minister. It was intended that after leaving school he should proceed to Cambridge to study law, but unforeseen circumstances prevented this.


Instead Mr. Parfitt went in for brewing, and amongst other places, before coming to Newbury, he was brewing at Frome, Wootton Bassett and Bishop's Waltham. He came to Newbury as far back as 1881, when he purchased the Atlas Brewery in Bartholomew-street. Through his energy the business of the brewery was largely increased and it developed into a most prosperous concern.


The in 1897 the business was amalgamated with the West Mills Brewery under the title of “Hawkins and Parfitt South Berks. Brewery Company Ltd.” with Mr. Parfitt as managing director. Some years later the prefix “Hawkins and Parfitt” was dropped. The concern became know as the South Berks. Brewers Company Ltd. And was the forerunner locally of the great brewery amalgamation, as in addition to the West Mills and Atlas Breweries, smaller concerns known as Westcome's Brewery in Bartholomew-street and the Diamond Brewery (Flints) in Cheap-street, were absorbed.


The South Berks Brewery owned by far the largest number of licensed houses in the locality as it continued to grow in importance under Mr. Parfitt's able direction.

When brewery amalgamations became the vogue, after the war, the South Berks., Brewery was purchased in 1920 by H. and G. Simmonds Ltd., of Reading. It was kept going as a subsidiary company for 12 years, subsequently being liquidated and merged into Messrs. Simmonds.

Although he had great business responsibilities, Mr. Parfitt devoted a great deal of his time to the public life of the borough and the county. He exercised a great deal more influence in the affairs of local government than most people were aware. For he was never a man to come out into the limelight. He seldom spoke at a public meeting, but no man was paid more attention to in committee by his fellow members of any body on which he sat- though here again he never spoke unless he had something to say. But somehow he was behind all big moves in matters of policy. He had a breadth of vision which those who differed strongly from him came to recognise when they got to know the man by sitting with him on committees. In the days when party politics were very bitter and were introduced more into local governing bodies than is happily the case today, Mr. Parfitt was quick to recognise the worth of an opponent and to back any good suggestion no matter from which side it came.


He entered public life as a member of the Berks. County Council in 1895 as a representative for the Newbury West Ward. This was after a keenly contested election in which his opponent was the late Mr. Richard Benyon. The figures were; Parfitt 254 Benyon 186. Mr. Parfitt continued to represent the West Ward until 1921, when the Council recognised his good work by appointing him a County Alderman, which position he was holding at the time of his death. There was only one member of the Council with a longer service, and that was Mr. Percy Crutchley, from the eastern end of the county, who is the only original member of the Council which was elected in 1889. He served on several of the most important committees. For many years he was vice-chairman of the County Council Finance Committee.


Mr. Parfitt always took the greatest interest in education. He was a founder member of the Berkshire Education Committee since its formation 37 years ago, and was chairman of the Education Finance sub-committee. It was not until 1938 that he asked to be relieved of his seat on the Education Committee, realising that it was time that he gave way to a younger man. About the same time he resigned his position as Chairman of the Governors of the Newbury County Girls' School. He was also for very many years a Governor of the Newbury Grammar School, resigning only last year. For a time he was Chairman of the Governors. He also sat for 30 years on the Newbury Borough Education Committee.


For a few years Mr. Parfitt was a member of the Newbury Town Council. He was elected to the Council in 1908. As when he entered the County Council for the first time, he had to fight for his seat. It was in the West Ward and his opponent was Mr. Harry Dolton. Mr. Parfitt was elected by 351 votes to his opponent's 254. He remained a member of the Town Council until the summer of 1912, when he did not seek re-election. He said that being also a member of the Berks County Council, he found he had not sufficient liberty to discharge the duties of both bodies to his own satisfaction.

During the time he sat on the Council, he rendered valuable service to the town, and his resignation was much regretted, particularly because he had not been through the chair. It was felt that with his ability and the position he held in the town, he would have been an exceptional Mayor. Mr. Parfitt has also been a Justice of the Peace for the Borough since 1926.


Amongst other positions held by Mr. Parfitt was vicar's warden of St John the Evangelist, during the incumbency of the Rev. R. Wickham Legg, now Archdeacon for Berks. He took an active part in the enlargement of the church.


He was a strong Conservative and was vice-chairman of the South Berks Unionist Association. His influence in the party was very great. He was largely responsible for the re-organisation of the party in South Berks. after its defeat at the poll in 1906. He had the knack of picking out the right man for the right job, and it was mainly due to him that the late Mr. E. J. Forster was chosen as the organiser of the Conservative party, in which post he made such a great success.


A man who made a success of things. Mr. Parfitt was much sought after as a chairman of various undertakings in this and adjoining localities. He was a director and trustee of the Newbury Building Society, chairman of the Hungerford Laundry Co., chairman of the Hungerford Waterworks Co. He retained a grip of things until the end and on the Tuesday before he was taken ill, he was presiding over the annual meeting of the Hungerford Waterworks Co.


His one hobby was shooting. He had his own shoot at Ecchinswell, and he used to shoot regularly with friends, particularly with the late Mr. Thomas Skurrey, the chairman of the Berks County Council, at Savernake. He only gave this up when he broke a blood vessel at the back of one of his eyes. He enjoyed a day's racing and was an original member of the Newbury Race Club.


Mr. Parfitt married in 1879 Katherine Maud, the daughter of the late Peter Reddy Allanson of Holly Hill, Well, Yorks. And two daughters survive him, Mrs. R. Brown and Mrs. St John Hodge.




Miss Luker, headmistress of Newbury County Girls' School, 1904-1934, writes:-


May I send this brief but very sincere expression of appreciation of Mr. Parfitt's valuable public work to which he devoted himself unsparingly for so many year.

His chief interest was the sphere of education, and it is hard to express adequately how his unfailing efforts helped to build up Newbury County Girls' School. I could always rely on his sympathy and understanding of the many and varied plans I introduced to make the school most useful to the community. I always knew that through Mr Parfitt's influence all our requirements would be granted by the County Authority. His quiet determination, his unobtrusive, yet vigorous work, and above all, his large minded tolerance and wisdom were greatly appreciated, and in working with such a chairman I was indeed most fortunate.




All the bodies with which Mr. Parfitt had been associated were represented in the large attendance at the funeral which took place at St John's Church, Newbury, on Tuesday afternoon.


The service was conducted by the vicar, the Rev. E.H. Stenning, the lesson being read by the Rev. St. John Hodge, son-in-law of the deceased. The committal in Newtown-road Cemetery was taken by the Rev. W. Kingsley Kefford, rector of Shaw-cum-Donnington.


[Description of the hymns etc.]


The family mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Brown (son-in-law and daughter), Rev. and Mrs. St John Hodge (son-in-law and daughter), Mr. Peter Hodge (grandson), Mrs. Eva Giles, Miss Kathleen Giles, Mr. Mervyn Hame and Mr. Ron Hame (nephews) Captain Will Brown, Nurse Elsie Read and Mr. H. Cullimore (chauffeur).


[A list of others at the funeral, numbering in the hundreds, follows]


Newbury Weekly News 11 April 11 April 1940


Mrs. P p.193 Ma 1


Also Katherine Maud Parfitt, wife, died 4 September 1924

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Edmund Parfitt
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News and Mrs Pattison
Date of source:    18 July 1940
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News










Mr. Edmund Parfitt, J.P., of Montville, Newtown-road, Newbury, left gross estate of the value of £23,577 2s. 3d., with net personalty £18,808 15s. 11d.


Testator left £100 to the vicar and churchwardens of St John’s Church, Newbury for completing the stained glass window at the east end of the church; £100 to the fund for making additions to Newbury Hospital; £100 each to his parlourmaid, Evelyn Giles, and his cook, Kathleen Giles, if respectively still serving; £20 to his chauffeur, Herbert Cullimore, similarly; £2,000 upon trust for the children of his daughter, Marguerite Hodge; £200 each to his daughters, Maud Brown and Margue rite Hodge; £100 to his nephew, Ronald Noel Haine, £50 to his executors; £50 each to his nephews and niece, Harold Claude Mevyn and Philip Haine, and Gladys Canning; £5 each to Charles, Edward and Laurie Allanson.


The residue of the property as to half to his daughter, Maud Brown, and half upon trust for his daughter, Marguerite Hodge, for life, with remainder to her issue.


Newbury Weekly News 18 July 1940


Mrs P p 193 Ma 1


Died 6 April 1940

also wife KATHERINE MAUD PARFITT died 4 September 1924

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

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Edmund Parfitt
Edmund Parfitt


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