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Commonwealth War Grave

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Thomas Arthur Maccabee
2/4th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment
Corporal (T/Sgt)
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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Thomas Arthur Maccabee
Burial register image
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   05 March 1920
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   Roseleigh, Wash Common, Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 039
Record number: 9907
Official at burial:
   Charles.V. Pike
   Died at Pavilion Military Hospital, Brighton
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

  Thomas Henry Maccabee
  01 March 1920
  4 kerbstones, 2 vases and forces stone
  East facing kerbstone and forces stone: In Loving Memory of/Thomas A. Maccabee who died March 1st. 1920 aged 32./ Forces stone: 101125 Corporal/ T.A.Maccabee/ Royal Berkshire Regiment/ Here reunited with his/ father and mother. Also remembering R.J. Maccabee/ died France 4 Dec. 1917/ North kerbstone: Also of Elizabeth, wife of Henry Maccabee, who was called home Jan. 14th. 1939 aged 78 years./ West facing kerbstone: In Loving Memory of/ Henry Maccabee who passed away Feb. 13th 1934 aged 76 years/ South facing kerbstone: And of Reginald J. Maccabee who died Dec.4th. 1917 aged 23 years.
  Painted letters, excellent
    Note: Reginald J. Maccabee died in France but is remembered on this monument.
  23 March 2018
  Larsen & Duff
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Other people list on this memorial

Elizabeth Maccabee
Henry Maccabee
Reginald Joseph Maccabee



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Reginald Maccabee
Reginald Maccabee
© R J Maccabee courtesy of Jeremy Goff
Reginald Maccabee
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Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    03 January 1918
Copyright:    © R J Maccabee courtesy of Jeremy Goff


REGINALD MACCABEE (brother of Thomas Arthur)
MACCABEE - Dec. 4, died of wounds received on 3rd in the Cambrai battle, Corpl. R.F. Maccabee, of the 2/4th Royal Berks. Regt., fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Maccabee, of Roseleigh, Wash Common, aged 24 years.
He sleeps beside his comrades
In a hallowed grave unknown:
But his name is written in letters of love
In the hearts he left at home.
May the heavenly winds blow softly
O’er the sweet and hallowed spot,
Tho’ the sea divides his grave from us,
He will never be forgot. 

Grave at


This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Thomas Arthur Maccabee
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    11 March 1920
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News




100 years ago

March 11 1920

Soldier dies of wounds

The sad death of Sergt. T A Maccabee, second son of Mr and Mrs H Maccabee, of Roseleigh, Wash Common, as the result of shockingly severe injuries sustained whilst serving in France during the war, occurred on March 1st, at the Pavilion General Hospital, Brighton.

Deceased joined the army as a private in the 2/4th Royal Berks Regiment in November, 1914, and was in training at Chelmsford and other camps, until drafted to France in May 1916

Promoted to the rank of sergeant, he was a favourite with his men, and took part in many engagements with the enemy.

Early in 1917 he was gassed and suffered with trench fever, which necessitated a stay in hospital.

He was badly wounded in the battle of Cambrai in December 1917, and lay on the Battlefield for three days and nights with legs shattered by the explosion of a shell

Upon arrival at a dressing station he was found to be suffering from frost-bitten fingers, and upon his removal to the 3rd General Australian Hospital at Abbeville it was found imperative to amputate both legs and seven fingers.

He was transferred to Roehampton to be supplied with artificial limbs.  His wounds, however continued to cause pain, and he was sent to the Pavilion Hospital, Brighton, for further operations.

He returned to Roehampton in January n1919, and two months later paid his first visit to Newbury since going abroad.

He was then discharged from the army, but was continually under treatment and early this year again went to Brighton, when two most dangerous operations were performed on February 8th.

His parents remained with him for ten days, when his condition had improved and he seemed out of danger.

On February 27th haemorrhage set in, and the patient collapsed, and his parents were present with him when he passed away.

Deceased had had nineteen operations, all of which he had borne with remarkable patience and fortitude.

His age was 31, and he had four brothers all serving with him in France at the same time.

His body was conveyed to his home on March 3rd and he was buried on Friday afternoon last.

Fourteen men of the Royal Berks Regiment from Reading escorted the funeral cortege from Wash Common to the Baptist Church, Northbrook Street.

The procession returned up Northbrook Street in slow and solemn order, and proceeded to the cemetery in Newtown Road, where six soldiers carried the coffin, covered with the Union Jack



This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

Pictures and photographs

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Thomas Arthur Maccabee

©From West Berks memorials web site.
Thomas Arthur Maccabee
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Thomas Arthur Maccabee
Thomas Arthur Maccabee
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Thomas Arthur Maccabee
Grave as originally found, before its recognition as a CWG and before our appeal for contact from the family.
Thomas Arthur Maccabee
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Thomas Arthur Maccabee
The grave along with some family members now they have restored it.
Thomas Arthur Maccabee
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CWG stones being delivered
CWG stones being delivered
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CWG van
CWG van


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