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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Kathaleen Mary Clinch
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   27 November 1954
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 287
Record number: 11891
Official at burial:
   E.J. Okell
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

  Kathleen Mary Clinch
  23 November 1954
  Slabs on crazy paving within kerbstones
  "On S slab on top of grave: In Loving Memory /of / Florence Mary / wife of / Samuel Edward Clinch / born 16th August 1889 / died 3rd July 1966 // On N slab on top of grave: In Loving Memory / of / Samuel Edward Clinch / born 22nd April 1889 / died 2nd August 1977 // On E kerb: In loving and treasured memory of Kathleen Mary Clinch, called to rest Nov 23. 1954, aged 36 // On N kerb: In God's keeping //"
  01 January 2012
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Florence Mary Clinch
Samuel Edward Clinch



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Kathaleen Mary Clinch
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The death in hospital last week of Miss Kathleen Mary (Kay) Clinch, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Clinch, 27, Priory-road, Newbury, was a great shock to her numerous friends and much sympathy goes out to the family.

Although Miss Clinch died at a comparatively early age—she was 36 last June—she had an extremely full life. Many of her interests centred around the Bartholomew Street Methodist Church with which she was connected all her life.

Teacher, Leader, Chorister.

From a scholar at the Sunday School, she became a teacher and was leader of the primary department at the time of her death. She always had a great fondness for children.  In the Church, she was a class leader, one of the earliest officials of the Youth Council and led the younger folk in the Junior Guild.  For 20 years she had sung in the Church choir. In fact, she lived for her Church and for her garden. She spent her holidays at various Methodist holiday houses, where she made many friends.

Educated at Newbury County Girls' School, Miss Clinch chose to join the Women's Land Army at the beginning of the war and remained in it for seven years. For the past six years she had worked in the farm and veterinary .department at Boots, chemists, of Northbrook-street, and always interested in animals, was ever ready to give advice as far as her knowledge permitted. She remained at work until within a month of her death, although she was away from June to October last year when she underwent two operations. Until a few months ago she was secretary of Newbury Women's Liberal Association for a long period.

85 Wreaths

The affection in which Miss Clinch was held was shown by the fact that over 160 letters of sympathy were received by the family and 8S wreaths at the funeral on Saturday.  Her brother, Mr. Norman Clinch, who lives in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., flew home and although delayed by engine trouble at Moncton in Canada reached home just in time to attend the service  Barholomew Street Methodist Church. The Rev. E. Okell officiated and Mr. Charles Griffin was the organist.

Family mourners were Mrs and Mrs. Clinch (parents), Mr. Norman Clinch (brother), Miss Clinch (aunt), and Mr and Mrs. A. P. Morton (uncle and aunt), Mrs. Thornton, Mr. and Mrs John Clinch (cousins). Mrs Thompson, Mrs. Meadows. Miss Raymond,  Miss R. Lewendon, Miss A Lewendon, Mrs. Burgess, Mr. A G Watts, Mrs.Stephenson,  Mr and Mrs. D. Burgess, Miss Flint, Rev. and Mrs J. E. Ogden, Mr. and Mrs. Worth, Mr. and Mrs. Abbs, Mr. and Mrs. Elsey, and Mrs Poole.

The Congregation

Among those attending were Mr. and Mrs. J. Hall, Mr. and Mrs, W. Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Best, Mr. and Mrs. John Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Pocock, Mr. A. G Lovegrove,  Mr. J. Huntley (also representing Mrs. Huntley and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Huntley).  Mr. B. Woods, Mr. W. N. Moorhead, Mr, A. F. Sturgess, (also representing Mr. H. K. Potter), Mr. F. Stanford, Mr. J. Dickson. Mr. H. Gore. Mr. A. W. Ridler, Mr. W. H. Moss, Mr. C. F. Hanford (also representing Mrs. Hanford), Mrs. J. Ilsley, Mrs. Holly, Mrs. Upcraft.

 Mr. R. H. Johnson (representing North-brook-street Methodist Church Sunday School), Mr. G. Bolton. Mr. C. H. Freeman, Mrs. G. Alderman (also representing Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Smallbone), Mrs, Roy Pocock,. Mrs.J Brooks. Mrs. L. Brooks, Mr. F. C. Sibley, Miss Ethel Sibley, Miss Lovelock, Mrs. Arthur Seward, Miss M. Seward, Mrs. Okell, Mrs. Hyde, Sylvia Hyde, Mrs. M. Green, Miss Thompson, Miss C. Seward, Miss M. Jones,  Mrs. Kathleen Codling, Mrs. V. Lovegrove,  Miss Purdy, Mrs. A. Heath, Mrs. J. Tarrant, Miss 0, Davison. Mrs. Harold  Smith, Mrs. Irene Seward. Miss M. Eggleton, Mrs, A. Griffin, Mrs, N. H. Barker, Miss,Jarvis,_Miss Ascher, Mrs. G. W. Simpson.

Mrs. Rook, Mrs. Gerrard and Mrs. Nisbet (representing Newbury Women's Liberal Association), Mrs. Blackford. Mrs. Bennett, Mrs  E. A, Hedges, Mrs. R., Bailey. Mrs. Fred HazeII,  Mrs. Saunders, Mrs E. M. H. Smith, Mrs. Grant, Mrs Rushent, Mrs. James Marshall (also representing   Mr Marshall and Mr. and Mrs A. C. Marshall). Mrs. Wakley, Mrs. Franklin. Mrs. May, Mrs. B. L. Rummins (also representing Mrs. C.. H. Brown), Mrs. Cottrell and Miss Harry.

Mr. and Mrs. H. C  Pelley, Mr. F. D. Seward, Mrs. Bignell. Mr. and Mrs. Lansley, Mr. A. Lovegrove, Mrs. A. Jones,  Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wraight, Mr. Arthur Wraight, Mr. C. J. Lipscomb, Mrs. Sarah Palmer, Mrs. B. A. Benson, Mrs W. Symes (also representing Mr. and Mrs. J. W . Willis)  Mrs. Garnett, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. W. Brooks (also representing Mrs. Lesser), Miss Jean Griffin, Mrs. Slater, Miss Grace Eggleton. Mr.  T. W. Chivers, Mrs. O. D. Haysom, Mr B.  Davis, Mrs. B. H. Roberts. Mrs. A. J. Keene, Mr. and Mrs. J. Speaight, Mrs. L. J Tutty (also representing Mr Tutty and Mr. Arthur Tutty), Miss Ruth Perry (also representing Mr. and MrsF. Perry), Miss Piper.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kennedy, Mrs. T. Potter. Nr. O. Quelch, Mrs. S. Marshall,  Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Penn, Mrs. Allum, Mrs. Cannon, Miss E. Dowling, Mrs. Stanley Butler, Mr. I. Cranstone, Mr. H. C. Haysom, Mr. and Mrs  A. F. Hardcastle, Mr. W. Foster, Mrs. J. H. Smith, Mrs. Macey, Mrs. Chunn,  Mr P. New Mr. A. R. Titcomb.

The Interment was in the family grave at the Newtown road cemetery. A memorial services by the Rev. E. J. Okell on Sunday.

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death cert Kathleen Mary Clinch
death cert Kathleen Mary Clinch


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