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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Caroline Maud Scott
Burial register image
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   06 September 1950
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   Felled Oak Brighton Road, Horsham
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 279
Record number: 11826
Official at burial:
   Bertram Russell
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

  Caroline Maud SCOTT
  31 August 1950
  Double plot with kerbs
  Marble with inlaid letters
  North kerb: In Ever loving memory of Walter Scott, entered into rest June 19th. 1923 aged 66 years/ In Ever loving memory of Arthur Scott, entered into rest Aug. 4th. 1922 aged 94 years./ South kerb: In Ever loving memory of Ellen Mary, wife of Walter Scott entered into rest Nov. 20th.1932 aged 79 years. East kerb: In Ever loving memory of Caroline Maud, dearly beloved wife of Rupert Eustace Scott, born April 12th. 1889, entered into rest Aug. 31st. 1950./ West kerb: In Ever loving memory of Eileen Mary, the beloved infant daughter of Caroline & Rupert Scott, died Dec. 30th. 1922 aged 15 months.
  Good, some weather staining
  18 February 2013
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Other people list on this memorial

Walter SCOTT
Arthur SCOTT
Ellen Mary SCOTT
Eileen Mary SCOTT



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Caroline Maud Scott
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
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Former Newbury woman dies after Winchester car collision
Husband, Son and Daughter-in-law Hurt

We regret to record the death, which took place on Thursday following a motor car accident of Mrs Caroline Maud Scott, of Felled Oaks, Brighton-road, Horsham, Sussex, and formerly of Newbury.

Mrs Scott died as a result of injuries she received when the car in which she was a passenger was in collision with an Army lorry on the Winchester bypass at the junction of Chilcombe-lane.

The car was being driven by her younger son, Mr Derek Scott of Love-lane, Petersfield, Hants, who was slightly injured. Also in the car were her husband Mr Rupert F. Scott, (60), who received slight injuries and Mr Derek Scott's wife Mrs Gillian Scott (23), who received injuries of a more serious nature.

The Army lorry was driven by Rifleman Robert Gowe, of The King's Royal Rifle Corps, stationed at Rushfield, near Winchester.

Mrs Scott who was 61 years of age, came of an old Newbury family, as did her husband. She was the third daughter of the late Mr Albert Copas, who carried on the business of coal merchant, and of Mrs Copas of Berkeley-road. Her husband was for many years shop manager and buyer at Messrs Edwards and Godding, ironmongers in the Market Place.

He left Newbury more than twenty years ago on taking a partnership in a similar business in Horsham, trading under the title of Scott and Sargeant. He had however ceased active participation of this business for health reasons, and more recently was associated with Mr Derek Scott in a Petersfield ironmongery business.

In addition to the members of the family mentioned, Mrs Scott leaves also Mr Raymond Scott, (elder son), Mrs Phyllis Mitchell and Miss Beryl Scott (daughters).

Vision Obscured by Shrubs

At the Winchester inquest on Saturday, when a verdict of Accidental Death was returned, criticism was made of shrubs stated to be eight or nine feet high in parts, which separate the dual carriageway on the Winchester By-pass where the accident occurred. These shrubs were said to restrict considerably the vision of motorists and the jury issued a rider saying they thought the shrubs were a contributory cause of the accident and asking that the matter be brought to the notice of the County Surveyor.

Mr Derek Scott, Oakfield, Love-lane, Petersfield, a company director, said that shortly before 2p.m, on Thursday he was driving along the Winchester By-pass in the direction of Southampton at a speed of 40-45 m.p.h. He suddenly saw an Army lorry on the other carriage way travelling in the opposite direction. Although he could not see it at the time, there was a gap in the line of shrubs which separated the carriage ways and the lorry was turning into the gap. “I sounded my horn,” he continued “applied my brakes and swung over to the near side of my carriage way. The lorry did not stop but hit my car on the offside at right angles, with a tremendous impact. My car was pushed on to the verge and was turned round in the opposite direction to which I was travelling.”

P.C. Saunders said the offside of the car was completely wrecked along the whole length of the side, while the lorry had the front near side lamp broken and the surrounding part of the wing.

The army driver, Rifleman Robert Edward Rowe (sic), King's Royal Rifle Corps, said on reaching the junction with Chilcombe lane he stopped before pulling across the road into the gap. He stopped again and as there was nothing in sight, engaged second gear and moved across the “down” carriage way. Glancing to his left again, he saw the car practically on top of him. He applied his brakes, but the car hit caught his vehicle on the off side. It glanced off and went over the kerb and swung round on the verge, finishing up facing him. He had practically stopped when the car struck his lorry..

The Coroner (Mr B. L. Bremridge) told the jury “It is an extremely difficult crossing and because of the shrubs, which have grown to a height of eight to nine feet in parts, the visibility is very small. The accident was caused by this failure to see what was coming in the other direction. There is also no doubt that these shrubs were a contributory cause of the accident.”

The Funeral
The funeral was at Newbury yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, a service at the Parish Church being conducted by the Rector, the Rev. Bertram Russell. Mr G.A. Sellick was at the organ. The burial was in the family grave at Newtown road cemetery.

The mourners were Mr R.E.Scott (husband), Mrs P. Mitchell and Miss B. Scott (daughters), Mr R.C.Scott and Mr D.R.C. Scott (sons), Mrs F. Morris and Mrs G. Brown (sisters), Mr and Mrs F.V. Copas (brother and sister in law), Mr S.E.Scott (brother-in-law), Miss E.N. Scott, Miss W.D.Scott and Mrs V.M. Chadwick (sisters-in-law) and Mrs J. Watson (niece).

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m of Rupert Eustace Scott to Caroline Maud Copas 1912
m of Rupert Eustace Scott to Caroline Maud Copas 1912


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