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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Mabel Mildred Spracklen
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   02 June 1939
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   26 Gloucester Road, Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 219
Record number: 11345
Official at burial:
   S C Robinson
Source of information:
  Burial Register

Memorial Details

  Mabel Mildred Spracklen
  29 May 1939
  4 Kerbstones and monumental cross
  Front of Cross: In Loving Memory of Harriet (Dolly), Beloved wife of John Spracklen who entered into Rest Jan. 2nd.1921 aged 47 years. "An honoured Life a peaceful end" Front of Cross: Also of Mabel Mildred Spracklen daughter of the above who died May 29th. 1939 aged 30 years North Side of Cross: In Loving Memory of John, beloved husband of Sarah Spracklen who passed away July 22nd. 1940 aged 67 years "Grant him, O Lord, Eternal Rest." On front kerbstone: In Ever Loving Memory of William John Spracklen "Jack" ,died 20th. May 1976 aged 74 years Rest in Peace South Side of Cross: William H. Lovell (Bill) died 23rd. Jan. 1970 aged 76. And of his wife Lenna May Who died 27th. Nov. 1980, aged 85 years.
  28 September 2011
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Other people list on this memorial

Harriet (Dolly) Spracklen
John Spracklen
William John 'Jack' Spracklen
William H. (Bill) Lovell
Lenna May Lovell



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Mabel Mildred Spracklen
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    01 June 1939
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News





WELL KNOWN NEWBURY MUSIC TEACHER.  But she was taken suddenly ill that evening and died early on Monday morning from ga

News of the sudden death of Miss Mabel Spracklen L.R.A.M of 26 Gloucester road, Newbury, came as a great shock to her pupils and to her many friends in the town.  She appeared to be in her usual health on Friday when she had a number of children at her house for tuition.  But she was taken suddenly ill that evening and died early on Monday morning from gastric influenza which had affected her heart.

Miss Spracklen, who was only 30 years of age, was a gifted pianist and violinist. She had suffered from a weak heart all her life, but never spared herself if she could help in any way.  At the beginning of the Newbury and District Amateur Operatic Society’s productions she used to assist at the piano, and one year played throughout Operatic week.

She gave evidence of musical talent at a very early age, and when quite a tiny girl accompanied at practices of the Newbury Choral Society in the days of the conductorship of the late Mr Ernest Watson.  Later she gained many honours, including the silver medal of the Royal Academy of Music.  Before she was 21 years of age she had obtained the L.R.A.M.

Miss Spracklen was a pupil of Harry Farjeon, and at the time of her death was studying for the degree of Bachelor of Music.  On one occasion she took part in a recital of Mdme. Elsie Horne’s pupils at Wigmore Hall.  Then another time she was given an audition with a view to broadcasting, but her health prevented her doing so.  Miss Spracklen had a number of her own compositions published, mostly consisting of children’s teaching pieces. She was a member of the Royal Society of Teachers.

The funeral takes place tomorrow (Friday), the first part of the service being at Newbury Parish Church at 2.30 pm and the interment in the Newtown Road Cemetery.

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Mabel Mildred Spracklen
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    08 June 1939
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News





Service at Newbury Parish Church

Several musical friends attended the funeral of Miss Mabel Spracklen L.R.A.M., of 26 Gloucester road, Newbury, which took place on Friday afternoon.  The service at the Parish Church was conducted by the Rev. S C Robinson, a former curate at Newbury and an old friend of the family.

As the congregation assembled, the organist, Mr Gilbert A Sellick, F.R.C.O., played Parry’2Let saints on earth in convert sing” was sung following the reading of Paslmjk23.  Then Mr Robinson gave a short adds Elegy, Adagio cantabile (Pathetic Sonata) by Beethoven and Vesperale (Cyril Scott).  The hymn, “Let saints of earth in concert sing” was sung following the reading of psalm 23.  Then Mr Robinson gave a short address after which, while the congregation stood, the organist played Walford Davies’ Solemn Melody.  At the conclusion of the service Mr Sellick played Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor.

The family mourners were:  Mr and Mrs J Spracklen (father and step-mother), Mr and Mrs W H Loell (brother-in-law and sister),  Mr and Mrs J Spracklen (brother and sister-in-law), Mrs E Willis and Mrs Samuels (aunts), Miss Audrey Lovell (niece), Mr and Mrs Phillips (cousins), Mr F Lindley (cousi), Mr G Tucker (cousin).

Others present were: Miss Nightingale, Miss Hunt, Mrs C Payne, Mrs Bellinger, Mrs Sly, Mrs Beckley, Mrs Minell, Mrs E M Martin, Mrs H Phillips, Mr Clifford Phillips, Mrs A M Chapman, Mrs W Chapman, Mr William Burge, Councillor and Mrs J R Witts, Mr and Mrs C E Osgood, Miss Osgood, Mrs C Payne, Mr W H Lambdin, Misses Lmbdin, Mrs Papworth, Mrs Kingham, Miss Kingham, Mrs E Sutton, Mrs F Longshaw.

Mrs Douglas Cameron, Mrs J Austin, Mrs Collins, Mrs H Hawkins, Mrs W K Smith, Mrs S H Marshall, Mrs March, Mr and Mrs W H Nailor, Mr J E Ferris, Mrs L F Tabor, Mr Harry Hopton, Mr R E Moore (representing Toc H), Mrs B C Brooks, Mrs A G Drew, Mrs K Clark, Mrs Sparrow, sister Margaret, Mrs Gooding, Mr W Coventry, Mrs Wells, Mrs Frank Stephens, Miss Bowley, Mrs Denness.

The interment was in the Newtown road Cemetery.

Wreaths were sent by: Dad and Sarah; Billy, Lenna and Audrey; Jack and Beat; Uncle Tom and Auntie Edie; Auntie Harriett and family; Auntie Lena, Uncle Joe and family; Auntie Blanche, Uncle Ted, Fred and Kath (Calcot); Mr and Mrs Charles Lovell; Ethel and  Charlie; Reta and Geoffrey; Jenny, Harry and the boys (Bedford); Auntie Pat; Mr and Mrs Loveridge and family; Mrs Phillips and family (Nottingham); Mr and Mrs Osgood and family; Kathie; C and E M Baillie;  Iris Brooks; Tisser, Kathleen and Betty;  Dorothy Taylor and Rainey Baker; Beryl Goddard; Sylvia Nightingale; Dorothy Beckley; Mrs Kingham and Annie; Mrs Murray.

Mr and Mrs Roy Jeeves; Mr Coventry; Mavis; Hilda and Gladys Longshaw; Syvia Minall; Doris Spanswick; Hilda; Beryl, Brenda and Sheila Naylor; Mr W H and the Misses Lambdin; Mr and Mrs Earnshaw; Joan Hopgood; Mr and Mrs Mason and Olive; Mrs Mason; Mr King and Evelyn; Jean Cameron; Mrs S H Marshall; Albert and Ethel Thorn;  |Mr and Mrs Clifford Phillips; Audrey (school friend); Mr and Mrs A Chapman; W Burge (Peggy); Mr and Mrs W Fisher and Winifred; Mr T Harrison and Doris; customers and friends “The Eight Bells”; Mr and Mrs J Brown and Bill,

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr Albert Thorn, Gloucester road, Newbury

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