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   Beatrice Alice Winter
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   Enily Ann Winter
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   Beatrice Alice Winter
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Cemetery Accounts Record

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Unknown Unknown
18 March 1899
Child found dead-Coroners Inquest
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Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

A Baby Burnt
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    16 March 1899
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News



Another inquest was held on Tuesday evening at St. John's schoolroom on the body of a little girl, only five months old, the child of a coachman named Winter, of 16, Westbourne Terrace.

On Monday evening the mother left the child and its cradle by the side of the fire and went out for a few minutes. A spark from the fire ignited a couple of articles which were hanging on the guard before the fire and these burned away and also set the cradle alight. A neighbour heard the baby crying and called Mrs. Winter. The mother rushed in and beheld her child burning. She picked it out of the cradle and called for help, a neighbour came in and medical assistance was sent for. The doctor ordered the child’s removal the hospital, where it died early on Tuesday morning. The Coroner at the inquest was Dr. Henry Watson, and the foreman of the Jury was Mr. Thomas Knight. After going to view the body, which still lay at the hospital, the first witness called was the mother.

Emily Ann Winter, who identified the body as that of her child, said between five and six o’clock in the evening of Monday she laid the baby down in the cradle, placed on two chairs by the side of the fire. There was a guard in front of the fire, and on the guard were two napkins. She left the house for a few minutes, not more than six, when a neighbour called her and said that the baby was crying. She rushed in and saw the cradle was alight and the napkins were burnt. On her calling for help one of the neighbours came in, and took the baby and the mother put the fire out. The foot of the cradle was partly burnt, and the lower the lower part of the child. Dr. Palmer was sent for and he ordered the child be taken to the Hospital. where it died about half-past two in the night. The mother thought a spark had jumped out on to the napkins.

Mrs. Emily Impey, living in Westbourne Terrace, next door but one to Mrs Winter, said that between five and six on Monday she heard screams in Mrs. Winter's house. She rushed in and found Mrs. Winter with the baby smouldering in her arms. Witness took the baby and anointed it with oil and medical assistance was sent for. The feet and legs of the infant were badly burnt.

The Coroner deplored the habit of hanging napkins in front of the fire just against cradles as that practice was by no means free from risk. He remembered holding an inquest on the occasion of just such a similar case which occurred in West-street agout 20 years ago.

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