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George Albert Tidbury
14 March 1899
Conscrated Common Internment
Reverend J A Thomas



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George Albert Tidbury
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On Saturday afternoon a painful sensation was caused by the report that a child had been drowned in the Fourth Hatches, and this, unhappily, proved only too true. Two brothers of the name of Tidbury, aged 5 1/2 and 7, went to the canal side by the Marsh, and were dropping stones into the river. The younger brother, named George Albert, overbalanced himself and pitched into the water. The Fourth Hatches being raised there was a strong current flowing which drew the child down stream and into the hatch. The alarm was given, and a young man very pluckily ran to the hatches and with much difficulty got the body out, but life was extinct. 
An inquest was held on Monday evening at St. Mary’s School. before Dr. Henry Watson. J.P., and a jury of whom Mr. Samuel Perry Burton was chosen foreman. The first witness was Frederick James Tidbury, an iron-moulder, and living at 6, Marsh-road, who identified the body as that of his son. At dinner-time on Saturday the boy went to meet him as he was coming home from work, and was about with him till about four o'clock in the afternoon. He went off with his brother to the water-side, and the next thing he heard of him was when the brother came running back to say he was in the water. That was about five, and be went across to the Canal and saw the boy on the bank. 
The brother of the deceased child, seven years old, was questioned, and said he and his brother were dropping stones into the river, when his brother went in head first.
Charles Whiting, a painter, living at Castle House, in the Marsh, said that on Saturday afternoon, about five o'clock, he was leaning against the rails opposite "The Cricketers” when a little girl came up and said there was a boy in the water. He ran across to the hatch in Marsh first, but could not see anything in there, and then went on to Fourth Hatch. A little boy who was near said "He's there," and pointed to the upper side of the hatch, so he let himself into the water, and after moving the weeds the body went through. Witness then drew himself up again, and ran round and jumped into the water on the lower side of the hatch and got the body. Someone took it from him and laid it on the bank, and soon after witness walked away. 
Dr. Wyllie deposed to being sent for to see a child who had been taken out of the water, but when be arrived life was extinct. Someone was trying artificial respiration but it proved of no avail, and in his opinion the child was dead before It was got out of the water. Death was due to suffocation by drowning. In answer to the Coroner he did not notice a bruise on the child's forehead. 
The Coroner said that the witness Whiting had displayed great courage and humanity in going into the water as he had done. 
The Foreman of the jury said he had heard that a subscription was being got up for the benefit of the father, as the child was not insured and the burial costs would be a great burden upon a poor man. if the rest of the jury would give up their fees they could go towards the fund, and if there was anything over the witness Whiting might have it. A juror suggested that it was a case for recommendation to the Royal Humane Society. 
A verdict of accidental death through drowning was returned. 
Mr. and Mrs. F. Tidbury desire to express their thanks tor the great sympathy shown to them in their sad bereavement.— 6, Marsh Road, Newbury. 
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