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Memorial Details

  Jonathan B. Pratt
  20 June 1898
  Double headstones
  From top of monument(B): "Until the day break/ and the shadows flee away." Sacred to the memory of/ Marianne/ the beloved wife of Jonathan Burford Pratt / who entered into Rest/ Feb.17th.1888/ Aged 71 years / Also of Jonathan D. Pratt born Feb. 17th. 1815/ Called to his Rest/ June 20th. 1898/ "He was not; for God took him" Gen. V, 24
    Letters in red missing from monument Source Mrs. Pattison
  20 May 2019
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Charles Burford Pratt
Henry Silcock Pratt
Marianne Pratt

Cemetery Accounts Record

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Jonathan Burford Pratt
24 June 1898
Unconsecrated Private Grave
Reverend E Titchmarsh



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Jonathan Burford Pratt
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    30 June 1898
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News






The funeral of the late Mr. Jonathan Burford Pratt took place on Friday, the first part of the service being conducted by the Rev. E.H. Titchmarsh at the Congregational Church. As the coffin was carried into the church the air “O rest in the Lord,” was played on the organ by Mr. Thomas Webb, Mus. Bac., (on the absence from home of the organist) and at the close “I know that my Redeemer liveth”. During the service a favourite hymn of the deceased “Peace, perfect peace” was sung.


The interment took place in the Cemetery. The mourners included Mr. Councillor Rankin, Messrs. Penfold, F.C. Hopson, J.C. Slight, R. Bell, J.T.Nash, W. Dukesell, J.A.Gent, Mrs Walter Penfold, Mrs A. Whittington, Misses Burrough etc.


Wreaths and floral offerings were sent by Mr. and Mrs E.J.Pratt and their children, his son Thomas and daughters Kate and Emily,Mr. And Mrs. W.B.Pratt, Mrs C.E.Pratt and family, (Newport), Mr. Thos. Pratt, Harlestone (nephew), Mrs and Miss Asprey, the Misses Burrough, Mr. Penfold, Mrs Titchmarsh, Mrs Whittington, Mrs F.P. Davis, Mrs Stillman, Misses Taylor, Mrs Brind, A Friend. Servants- Rose Moss, Walter Hancock.

The undertakers were Messrs Penfold and Son, Northbrook-street.


On the following Sunday morning a sermon appropriate to the circumstances was preached by the Rev. Titchmarsh, though no direct reference was made to the deceased.


Newbury Weekly News 30 June 1898



Jonathan Pratt aged 83 died Newbury


The obituary for his son Thomas Henry Pratt states that his father was Chemist & Druggist in Bartholomew Street


An ancestor of Jonathan Pratt, the antiques expect seen frequently on TV and educated in Newbury.


Sources:Newbury Weekly News 30 June 1898

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    23 June 1898
Copyright:    © 





—By the death of Mr. Jonathan Burford Pratt, chemist of Bartholomew-street, which occurred suddenly on Sunday night, one of the oldest of Newbury tradesmen has been removed. Mr. Pratt had been in business in the borough for close on half-a-century and was, with the exception of Mr. John Hawe Mason, the oldest townsman still in business. 


He was a native of Ilford in Essex, and came to Newbury in the year 1849, succeeding to the business established in 1818 by Mr. Somerset, and subsequently carried on Mr. George Payne, a Friend, and then for a brief period by a Mr. Shum.  Mr. Pratt was a type of the old tradesman, living over his shop, and concentrating his energies thereto. In later years he has had the active partnership of his son, Mr Thomas Pratt, but the old gentleman to the last exhibited an interest in the same. He was a man of quiet habits, but had established a reputation for many simple remedies, which were much valued in many a humble home where the visit of the doctor was only resorted to in cases of serious illness. Many an anxious young mother has consulted Mr. Pratt as to the ailments of her juveniles, and received comforting advice as well as effective remedies. 


For nine years Mr. Pratt was a member of the Town Council, being nominated in 1847, without his consent, by the late Mr T. Long. In order to avoid being elected Mayor he retired in 1876, and since then has taken no active part in public life. He was a trustee of the Municipal Charities for many years. 


He attained the venerable age of 83 last February, and although In failing health for some time, there was no reason to expect the end was so near. He attended service at the Congregational Church on Sunday evening, and retired to rest as usual. Nothing was heard of him during the night, and his family were greatly distressed to find him lying dead in his bedroom on Monday morning. He had been attended by Dr. Douglas during the week, and death was the result of old age and failure of the heart. 


The deceased leaves three sons and two daughters The funeral will take place to-morrow (Friday), the first part of the service being conducted at the Congregational Church at eleven o'clock. 

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

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