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Memorial Details

  Frederick Joseph Jesser HARROLD
  17 April 1898
  Angel with raised wings carrying lyre, resting on sculptured stone base.
  From top face of base:/ Erected by his sorrowing widow and children/ to the Everlasting memory of/ Frederick Joseph Jesser Harrold/ born Dec.3rd.1836/ at Temple Wood, Wilts./ died April 17th. 1898./ Also of Jessie Aston/ died Feb.26th. 1867/ aged 76 years./ Sweetest memories of our darling sister Florah died 25th. Dec. 1935./ In Ever loving Memory of Darling Mother died 27th. Aug. 1933.
  Fair: Inlaid letters
    Missing surnames from the inscriptions were taken from the burial records.
  11 August 2015
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Other people list on this memorial

Jessie ASTON
Mary Elizabeth HARROLD

Cemetery Accounts Record

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Frederick Joseph J Harrold
21 April 1898
Consecrated Brick Grave
Reverend R Dunn



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Frederick Joseph Jesser Harrold
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    28 April 1898
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News



The funeral of the late Mr. Frederick Joseph Jesser Harrold, whose decease we recorded last week, took place on Thursday afternoon, when the large attendance, especially of his brother Freemasons, testified to the general respect and esteem with which he was regarded. The first part of the service was conducted in St John's Church, where the deceased had been a regular attendant. A large congregation assembled in church, whilst many outside awaited the coming of the funeral procession, at the head of which walked the Masons, their badges and jewels being veiled with crepe, and the deacons bearing wands draped with the same material. On reaching the church door the Masons opened out and allowed the coffin to be borne through their ranks. As the procession entered the church it was met by the Vicar (Rev. R. Dunn), choir, and cross bearer, and the organist (Mr. Bloodworth) played Guilmant's “Marche Funebre” and Handel's beautiful air “I know that my Redeemer liveth”. The coffin was placed in the centre aisle, the Masonic deacons taking up a position on either side. The service was most impressively rendered, the hymns sung being “On the resurrection morning” and “Abide with me” and the psalm was chanted to a minor setting. As the coffin was borne from the church the “Dead March” was played. Headed by the cross-bearer, the white robed choir led the way to the Cemetery, followed by the open car, bearing the coffin covered with the flowers the deceased loved so well. Then came the carriages carrying the mourners, the Freemasons and a number of personal friends. It was quite an impressive scene, and was witnessed by hundreds of people. The interment was performed by the Vicar, and the hymn “Peace, perfect peace” was sung. Then after the sorrowing relatives had taken a last long look at the coffin as it lay in the brick grave, the Masons, following their ancient custom, filed round the grave and dropped in the sprigs of acacia which they had carried. The coffin was of polished oak, with brass furniture, and in addition to the name and age of the deceased, bore Masonic emblems inlaid with brass. The mourners were Mrs Harrold, (the widow) and her five daughters, Miss Harrold and the Misses Clark, Jessie, Florrie and Laura Harrold, Mr Harding, Mr Sidney Knight, Mr A.C.Harding, Mr C. Cumes, Mr Anthony, Mr and Mrs E.C.James, Mr A. Campbell Bazett, Dr. Burman (Ramsbury), Mr. W.T. Bilson, Nurse Jeffery, and the household servants.

The Masons present including the Worshipful Master of the “Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope” (Bro S. Knight, jun.), preceded by the Assistant Tyler (Bro. S.P. Burton) carrying the cushion upon which rested the Bible veiled in crepe. Past Masters G. Boyer, Stephen Knight sen., W.H. Belcher, H.S. Hanington, and J. Day. Brothers Edward Gould (Mayor of Newbury), G.J. Cosburn, F.C.Fidler, A.W. Neate, J.B. Ingram, J. Rolfe, H. Salt, J.T. Hansley, J. Howard, C.H.Stradling, F.W. Goddard, W. Edmonds, J. Wright, W.H.Beames and J. Price, and Bros. J.M. Gilkes (Junior Deacon) and E. Turner (Acting Deacon).

Amongst those present in church and at the graveside were Mr Councillor Hall, Mr John Parker and Mr J.W.H. Kemp (representing the Newbury Horticultural Society, Messrs J. Hiscock, W. Edwards and C. Pink, (representing Newbury Bowling Club). Messrs D.R. Jones, F.J. Coldicutt, Stanley Knight, E. Knight, E. Salway, E. Bailey, W. C. Freemantle, J. Palmer, C. Dalby, R. Bell, J.F. Haldane, Mrs E. Gould, Mr and Mrs W. Church, Mrs Day, &c. Among the floral offerings were a beautiful floral cushion from the widow; Lizzie and Clara, harp.; Flossie and Laura, anchors; Jessie, bouquet; Mr S.R. Harding, Mr and Mrs E.C. James, Mr Sidney Knight, Mr and Mrs A. Jackson and family, the Freemasons (Lodge of Hope), Newbury Bowling Club, Newbury Horticultural Society, Household servants, Mrs C. Pink, Mr and Mrs Edwards, Mrs Harding (Marlborough), Mr and Mrs Chigwidden (Swindon), Mrs G. M. Knight and family, Mr W. Miller, Mr C. Dalby, Mr and Mrs F. Hickman, Freddie and Gracie, Mr and Mrs Walter Church, Mr S. Knight, Mr and Mrs S. Knight,jun., Mr and Mrs Metcalf, Mr and Mrs Bilson (Reading). The funeral was carried out by Mr H.S. Hanington, a colleague of the deceased on the Horticultural Committee, and a brother Mason.


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