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James Arthur Chivers  (Arthur James)
15 June 1897
Unconsecrated Private Grave
Reverend J L Hunt
On FBMD, Mrs P page 155 LS(J)40



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Arthur James Chivers
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    17 June 1897
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News




The late Mr. Arthur Chivers . – The news as it passed in subdued tones from one to another at noon, on Saturday, that Mr. Arthur Chivers was no more, created a great impression, and evoked unusual sorrow, for the deceased was well known in Newbury, where he was born, and spent his boyhood and subsequent business career. Though a builder, employing some forty or fifty men, Mr. Chivers had not always been in such an extensive way of business. He began his life as a poor boy, and was handicapped by never being in robust health. So frequently was he absent through indisposition, that he lost the chance of the apprenticeship money which was given to the scholars of the foundation school, upon which he was elected. Gifted with considerable commercial insight, and fortified by industry, perseverance and will-power, he borrowed a few pounds when he was 22 years of age and began business in a small way as a builder, in West Fields. To this part of the town he became attached, and he did much in its development, building several houses, some of which he retained, and others he sold. As a rule his speculations turned out favourable; and his character as an upright conscientious man of business, gradually increased the number of his clients, and work came to him without solicitation. The seeds of an insidious disease, however, became early implanted in his system, and for several years he suffered periodical illness, preventing him giving that personal attention to his business which had become the delight of his ardent nature. His attacks of illness became more frequent, and his medical advisers had, one and all, agreed that he would never be spared to old age. In the early part of last week, it was reported he was worse, but he rallied only to fall away again, and his condition on Saturday morning left no doubt that his end was approaching, and shortly before one he passed away. The funeral, on Tuesday, followed somewhat quickly in consequence of the hot weather. Large numbers were present in the cemetery, and the procession was of considerable length. There was the open car , on which was borne the body, enclosed in a coffin of polished and brass furniture, and covered with numerous wreaths. Following were three mourning carriages, deputations from the Rechabites, the Liberal Club, and Enborne Parish Council, of which he was chairman, his workmen, fellow tradesmen, personal friends, and others. The service in the chapel was read by Mr. John Hunt, who was one of the oldest workmen, and was present the whole of Saturday morning, affording that religious solace which it is the privilege of a good man at such deeply solemn moments, and remaining until the end came. It was the wish of the deceased, as well also of those left behind, that Mr. Hunt should perform the last offices of devotion around the grave. It was indeed a tribute to simple goodness and acknowledged worth that he who had been the servant, surrounded by a number of those who sustained a similar position, should have imposed upon him the duty of burying his late employer. Though the quiver of the voice, and the tremulous movement of the hand as he turned over the leaves of the of the service book for the burial of the dead, betokened the strong emotion which it was wholly impossible to conceal, yet the tones were distinct though subdued and delivered, and delivered with a fervour and deep impressiveness. At the graveside the same quiet unaffected were manifest.. After the committal sentences, he addressed a few words of sympathy with the bereaved family. He spoke of the death of the deceased as being a loss not only to his family and workpeople, but to the town in which he lived.. Kindly as a husband, a father, a friend and an employer, his death would be deeply deplored. His removal in the prime of life came as a warning to be ready for the summons, which sooner or later would come to all. Mr. Chivers’ last articulate words were,

Jesus Lover of my soul

Let me to thy bosom fly.

And, added the speaker, I believe his trust was fully and implicitly in Christ his Saviour and that he has gone to be with Christ, which is far better. May we all be faithful to our Lord’s commands, that at last we may meet him with joy and not with dread. The address used for the burial of a Rechabite was then read by Bro. Eggleton, who remarked that the deceased was one of the oldest members of the order in Newbury, and had maintained an attachment to the principles of Rechabitism throughout. Two verses of “Jerusalem, my happy home” were sung to the tune of “Dublin”, in which many joined, then in tones of unwonted solemnity Mr. Hunt pronounced the benediction. The grave into which the coffin was lowered was lined with bracken and white flowers, and the coffin bore the inscription:

Arthur James Chivers

Died June 12th, 1897,

Aged 42 years

The large numbers present at the cemetery were testimony to the respect the deceased was held and sympathy for those left behind, namely a widow, and son and daughter.

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