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Burial Information

Name on burial register:
   Charles Henry Stradling
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Age at death:
Date of burial:
   10 March 1937
Abode at death:
(according to burial register)
   Cornwall House, West Street, Newbury
Burial register information:
Book number: 1917
Page number: 202
Record number: 11214
Official at burial:
   W L Cooper (Rector)
Source of information:
  Burial Register

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Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Charles Henry Stradling
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News 11 and 18 March 1937
Date of source:    11 March 1937
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News








An authority on local clocks and their makers


Mr. Charles H. Stradling, who died in Newbury Hospital early on Monday morning at the age of 70 – he would have been 71 next month- was very well known in the town and the locality.

He was a member of a family which has long been connected with the government and trade of the town. He was the youngest son of the late Mr. Alfred Stradling, who came to Newbury in the middle of the last century and was a member of the Town Council; his brother, Alderman James Stradling, has been twice Mayor of the Borough, and for many years past has been looked to for a lead in civic matters; whilst his sister, Mrs. Joseph Hopson, is a Justice of the Peace and has been prominently identified with philanthropic and social work in the town.

Charles Stradling, who was educated at Newbury Grammar School- then situated at the Litten- was, like his father, a clock maker and jeweller. Stradling Senior, who came to Newbury from the old-world town of Odiham, Hampshire, was first in business at the shop in Northbrook-street now occupied by Messrs Garlick and Co. Later he moved to the other side of the street where Mr. Gibson now is.

Mr. Charles Stradling served his apprenticeship in Birmingham, and after a short spell at Brighton, upon his father's health breaking down, he came to Newbury and carried on his business for a number of years. Nearly forty years ago he had the misfortune to have his shop visited by burglars. They were expert “cracksmen,” for though the shop was protected downstairs with steel shutters and doors they got into the living room above, drilled holes through the ceiling, using a patent self-opening umbrella dropped through one of the holes to catch the falling pieces of plaster, and effected an entrance by these means. Practically all the valuables were taken from the windows and the shop cases. The burglars got clean away and were never caught.

In later years Mr. Stradling carried on his business from his residence at Cornwall House, West-street, but during the last two or three years illness has caused him gradually relinquish his work.

Mr. Stradling made quite a study of and was an authority on local clocks and their makers. He has written well-informed articles on the subject which have appeared in the Newbury Weekly News. One was published only a few weeks ago. He possessed expert knowledge of all branches of the goldsmith's art, and also understood precious stones.

He always took the keenest interest in local affairs, and often as a critic many letters have appeared from him in the N.W.N. under the pen name of “C.S. Marlow” the name of his birthplace.

Though critical in a good many ways, Charles Stradling was a sociable fellow and had a host of friends. He was very good company and possessed many artistic qualities. When he was in his prime he was a welcome fellow at dinners. He was very clever with his musical monologues, which were modelled on the style of that popular entertainer of the time, Mel B. Spurr, and Charles Stradling was not far behind him.

Like all the members of the Stradling family, some of whom have been naturalists of world-wide renown, Charles was a painstaking observer of nature; he knew local birds, animals and fish, as few men did. In his younger days he made a collection of butterflies and eggs, indeed, he knew all the natural life of the countryside.

He was a keen fisherman, being a member of the Newbury Angling Association; a good shot; and was often on the bowling green. Then, like his brothers, he was a members of the old Newbury Cycling Club, and rode a “penny farthing” at the club's annual race meetings on the cricket ground on August Bank holidays.

He was also actively associated with the flower shows of those days, and his services were much in demand as M.C. at dances. For many years he has been a Freemason. He was one of the founder members of the Winchcombe Club.

During the war Mr. Stradling assisted with recruiting, then he worked at the bond on Newbury Racecourse and afterwards filled an important position at a Government factory at Hereford.

His somewhat sudden end is a great grief for his wife and family. About four years ago Mr. Stradling had a serious breakdown in health, but by indomitable willpower he pulled through and got fairly fit. Recently he had taken a house in Highfield-road, and all his furniture was packed ready to move in when he was stricken down and removed to Newbury Hospital This happened Saturday week.

He is survived by his wife, one son and two daughters. The son is on the staff of Eastern Telegraph Company stationed at Lagos, Nigeria, and is expected to come home in May.

The funeral takes place today (Thursday) at Newtown-road Cemetery at 2.30pm.



Newbury Weekly News 11 March 1937

Mrs. P. p.91 “Charlie” born 1866 died 8 March 1937

also Frances (Fan) wife born 1865 died 1942


Buried 10 March 1937 Bk 1917 p. 202 No. 11214

Address Cornwall House, West Street.


Additional note:

A Charles Stradling was born in the Sept Q of 1867 at Plymouth 5b 282

A Charles H Stradling was born Jun Q 1866 at Wycombe 3a 436













Many old friends attended the funeral of Mr. Charles Stradling, of Cornwall House, West-street, Newbury, which took place at the Newtown-road Cemetery, on Thursday afternoon. The rector, (Canon W.L. Cooper) officiated.

The family mourners were: Mrs. Stradling (widow), Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rose, Mr. and Mrs. George Hall (sons-in-law and daughters), Mr. J.H. Hopson (sister), Mr. James Stradling, Mr. Alfred Stradling (brothers), Mr. Harry Stradling, Mr. Peter Stradling (nephews), Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hopson (nephew and niece), Mr. Mont. Hopson.

Others present were; the Mayor (Councillor R.C. Clifford), Councillor W>H. Butt, Major Vivian Nickalls, Messrs. Edward Martin, Percy Chillingworth, Ashley Turner, C.H. Sandbach, H.S. Neate, John Freeman, F.E. Frampton, H.G. Love, H.J. Spackman, T.P. Coulson, F. Taplin, Len Johnson, J.T. Lawrence, W. Challis Franks, W.R. Head, E.H. Orchard, Thomas Hopkins, P.H. Sellwood, C.L. Pyke, C. Baillie, E. Longmate, E.W. Harrison, R. H. Parker, J. Atherton, S.J. Strange, Mr. and Mrs. W. Keep, Miss Beryl Keep, Captain Stephen Knight, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. E. Walker, Mrs Albert Church, Mrs. Albin White, (representing Mr. White), Mr. George Wintle.


There follows a long list of those sending floral tributes.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Camp Hopson and Co. Ltd.


Newbury Weekly News 18 March 1937






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Pictures and photographs

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Stradling and Son in Newbury
No. 78 Northbrook st as Stradling and Son
Stradling and Son in Newbury
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No. 78 Northbrook Street as it is today (2020)
The site of Stradling and Son as it is today. There is no longer an alley at the side as in the earlier picture.
No. 78 Northbrook Street as it is today (2020)


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