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Death Information

   William Eatwell
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Death certificate for William Eatwell
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William Eatwell
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Maiden name:
Date of Death:
   26 November 1894
Age at death:
Date of birth:
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Place of birth:
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Place of death:
   Speenhamland, Newbury, Berkshire
Usual address:
   Speenhamland, Newbury, Berkshire
Cause of death:
  Pleurisy, Chronic Pneumonia
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Memorial Details

  William EATWELL
  26 November 1894
  Large Headstone
  Headstone: In loving memory of / William Eatwell / who departed this life / Nov 26th 1894 / aged 71 years / Also / Eliza Anne / wife of the above / who died Sept 19th 1883 / aged 50 years / Also / William Dines Eatwell / their son / who entered into Rest / April 19th 1893 / aged 38 years / I heard the voice of Jesus say, come unto me and rest /
  Very good
  28 March 2017
  JB & SK
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Other people list on this memorial

Eliza Anne EATWELL
William Dines EATWELL

Cemetery Accounts Record

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William Eatwell
30 November 1894
Consecrated Private Grave
Reverend J G Gibbs



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

William Eatwell
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    29 November 1894
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News





Our townspeople learnt with sincere regret on Monday morning that Mr William Eatwell of the Broadway had passed away at an early hour.  Mr Eatwell had been suffering from an attack of pleurisy from which he had partially recovered, but a relapse ensued and he became decidedly worse, although it was not apprehended that death was so near.  The deceased was in his 72nd year, and throughout life had enjoyed good health, but the death of his only son Mr Dines Eatwell last year, proved a great blow to him and he had apparently come to feel the loss more acutely than at the time.

Mr Eatwell was born in comparatively humble circumstances and his mother being left a widow he had to seek employment earlier than is now the custom with boys.  Becoming an errand boy to Mr Whiting, a member of the Society of Friends – a man of sturdy character who allowed his goods to be seized rather than pay church rates – Mr  Eatwell early showed those habits of trustworthliness and resolution which he displayed throughout life, and in the course of time was placed behind the counter and rose to be an assistant.    After being with Mr Whiting some years Mr Eatwell left and took a situation in Oxford but he was not away more than about twelve months when his old employer made overtures for his return with a view to taking the more responsible post of partner.  A few years later Mr Whiting retired from active participation in the business and removed to Reading, eventually relinquishing his interest in the concern, of which for more than twenty years Mr Eatwell has been sole proprietor.

He was a man of strong individuality and force of character, having a singularly clear and well balanced mind, extremely simple in his habits and so methodical in his movements that it would have been possible at any hour in the day to tell where he would be found.  Politically he was a Liberal though perhaps of the Manchester school.

Trained in non-conformity he was yet as a young man attracted to St Mary’s, Speenhamland by the eloquent preaching of the late Rev .H W Majendie, whom he has been heard to declare resembled an old Hebrew prophet in the dignity of tone and the boldness with which he was wont to preach.  With the decease of Mr Majendie and the growing ritual in the Church of England, for which he had no appreciation,   he returned to the simpler worship to which he was early accustomed and for many years might be found on Sundays with the select rather than numerous congregation assembling in the Presbyterian Chapel.  In his mental constitution there was much that was conservative, as might be seen in retaining the old style of the firm, and in his adherence to the older methods of doing business.  His upright dealings and reliable trading secured for him the confidence of his customers. and all feel that there has passed away an honourable and conscientious tradesman, one of the oldest in the town.

In public matters Mr Eatwell was a member and latterly vice-chairman of the Broad of Guardians, succeeding to that office on the death of the late Alderman Hickman. For nearly twenty years Mr Eatwell has occupied a seat at the Board, and in this position he has gained the warm esteem and confidence of all his colleagues.  At the meeting of the Board on Tuesday, sympathetic reference was made by the Chairman, Mr A R Tull, who said – Gentlemen, before we begin the ordinary business of the day I think it my duty to refer to the sad loss the Board has suffered in the death of Mr Eatwell.  He has been for many years a Guardian of this Union and has, since the death of Mr Hickman, been vice-chairman of the Board.  We all know him as a man whose judgment might be relied upon, one who gave to the business most

patient and careful consideration.  By his death the poor have lost a kind and sympathetic friend, and the public a valuable and high-minded servant whose honour and integrity we who have been his colleagues can give unanimous testimony. Gentlemen, I beg to propose a vote of condolence of the Board be sent to the widow and relatives of our lamented colleague.  This was seconded by the Rev. F C Gosling who said he would support the resolution because the loss which the Board had suffered in the death of Mr Eatwell could not be easily replaced.  His long experience had given a ripeness and balance to his judgment which was of great value, combined with a kindly courtesy which made his loss a cause of personal grief to them all.

Mr Eatwell has also been connected with the Literary and Scientific Institution for a great number of years.  In past days his post was invariably at the door of the lecture room and of late he has filled the office of curator to the Museum.  He was fond of referring to the establishment and progress of the Institution and to the last he cherished a very warm interest in its prosperity. Mr Eatwell was also Chairman of the Speenhamland Commisioners at the time when the “hamlet” was by Act of Parliament incorporated in the Borough, when he was elected to a seat in the Town Council but retired at the end of three years, finding the work less congenial to him than the office he had previously held.  He always however displayed a keen interest in the affairs of the town and was ever anxious to maintain its honour and reputation.  Mr Eatwell leaves behind him a widow, for whom and for his surviving brother Mr James Eatwell, much sympathy is felt.  The funeral will take place tomorrow (Friday) in the Newbury cemetery at three o’clock.



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William Eatwell
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News and General Advertiser
Date of source:   
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News





THE FUNERAL OF THE LATE MR. EATWELL took place on Friday afternoon at the Cemetery the ceremony being conducted by the Rev. J. G Gibbs, vicar of St. Mary's, Speenhamland.

The remains were placed in a polished coffin with brass fittings, bearing the inscription



Died November 26th1894.

Aged 71.

By request of Mr. Eatwell, who was a great lover of simplicity, no flowers were placed upon the coffin, and the funeral was of an unostentatious character. Mr. James Eatwell (brother) was the principal mourner, among those connected with ties of relationship and friendship being Messrs. Musselwhite, J. Turk, H. Smart, Verity J.E. Stillman, F. H. Stillman, E. Harris, R. Wilson, W. Hall, and A. B. Bland.

At the Cemetery there were a number of personal friends, including the Mayor of Newbury (Mr. Councillor Hanington). … &c.

The funeral arrangements ware carried out by Messrs. Penford & Son, of Northbrook-street.  



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