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Isaac Samuel  Aldritt
05 September 1893
Conscrated Common Internment
Reverend E J Gardner
Drowned at Bulls Lock



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Isaac Samuel Aldrett
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News and General Advertiser
Date of source:    07 September 1893
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News






The visit of the soldiers to our neighbourhood has been marred by the fatality which occurred on Sunday, when Private Isaac Samuel Aldrett, of the Ordnance Store Corps, lost his life whilst bathing at Bull's Lock.

The deceased, with three others, Privates Watkins, Macmillan, and H. Watkins, left Crookham Camp on Sunday morning and between 11 and 12 bathed in the river Kennet at Bull's Lock. Deceased dived off the towing path ; and, getting out of the water, dived a second time ; coming to the surface he shouted, "Oh! Oh!” and then disappeared, and the last that was seen of him was his hand, which came above the water about three-fourths of the distance across the stream. H. Watkins, who was wiping himself on the bank, immediately jumped into the and swam to where the deceased was last seen, but not finding the body returned to shore, and drying himself dressed and proceeded to the camp, carrying with him the clothes of deceased, whilst Macmillan and John Robert Watkins went to Superintendent Bennett and reported what had occurred.

Subsequently the body was recovered, and placed in a punt was conveyed to Hambridge, and thence by vehicle to the "Swan" Inn, on the Thatcham road, where an inquest was held on Monday night before Mr. J. Cockburn Pinniger, coroner, and a jury of whom Mr. Paulin was foreman, and a verdict of "Accidentally drowned" was returned.

It was remarked at the inquest that Bull's Lock was dangerous place for any inexperienced swimmer. The deceased soldier was 20 years of age, and had joined the Army about two and a half years ago. Captain Butcher was present, and received certificate of burial from the Coroner. The Captain stated that information of the fatality had been telegraphed to Aldershot, and the authorities there would communicate with his friends.



The funeral occurred on Tuesday, when a contingent from the different corps at present stationed there left Crookham Camp, and proceeded to the " Swan " Inn. Here the body was placed upon a gun - carriage specially dispatched from Aldershot, drawn by two horses. The coffin was covered with a Union Jack, and several wreaths from the different corps encamped at Crookham placed thereon testified to the love and affection for this gallant young fellow, whose untimely death has evoked sincere grief among his comrades, the civilians in the neighbourhood, not less than by those who were allied to him by the ties of relationship.

Headed by the firing party, a body of 12 Cameronians carrying their arms reversed, and followed by about forty other comrades walking in open column, including Army Service Corps, Royal Engineers, and Ordnance Store Corps, to which the deceased belonged, the procession started for the Cemetery, numbers of people joining the cortége en route as it proceeded through Speenhamland Northbrook-street, and Bartholomew-street. Immediately following the military was a wagonette containing Mr. and Mrs. Aldrett, the father and mother of the deceased, who reside at Cambridge, Miss Rhoda Gertrude Harding, and Mr. J. Rourke, and who as they passed received the sympathetic respect of the spectators.

At the Cemetery the service was read by the Rector, the impressive tones of the solemn words being listened to with breathless attention by the hundreds of spectators who surrounded the grave. Before leaving the body in its last resting place, three volleys were fired, and the word of command having been given the men noiselessly fell in and marched away in the direction of the camp, which on the previous Sunday morning deceased had left in the best of health and with buoyant spirits.

The wreaths were sent by Mrs. Baxendale, of Greenham Lodge, Captain Butcher, the officer in command, the 11th Company Engineers, the Telegraph Battery of Engineers, the Army Service Corps, the Ordnance Store CorpsMrs. Strawson, Miss Baxter, Miss Staleybridge, &c. The deceased had been encamped on Crookham Common with the Ordnance Store Corps, since June 15th.


Newbury Weekly News and General Advertiser - Thursday 07 September 1893

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