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David Alfred Brind
22 June 1891
Consecrated Private Grave
Reverend R Dunn



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David Alfred Brind
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News and General Advertiser
Date of source:    25 June 1891
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News


Very widespread regret has been felt at the death of Mr. Alfred Brind, florist, of Northbrook-street, which occurred on Fnday morning, after a few days' illness, from inflammation of the lungs. Mr. Brind had been for some time past troubled with an irritating cough, and although not well on Sunday he fulfilled his duties as lay-helper at St. Bartholomew's, East-fields, the occasion being the anniversary of the opening of the church. He was able to get out Monday and Tuesday, after which he took to his bed and acute inflammation setting in, he succumbed at nine o'clock on Friday morning, leaving a widow and two children, one only a few weeks old. 
Mr. Brind had prominently identified himself with church matters. He was a member of the English Church Union, as well as of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, but his chief work has been associated with the iron church, which was originally erected in Shaw-fields, and to which he was appointed lay-helper, labouring most zealously among the residents of the locality. 
On the removal of the church to East-fields, Mr. Brind was again appointed lay-helper, and his ministrations were attended with much success. He had also assisted in the mission services at Crookham School, at the Wash Common Mission Church and at Cold Ash. At his express wish he was buried in his cassock end surplice. 
Preaching at St. Bartholomew's, on Sunday evening, Mr. James Palmer referred to the sorrow felt by the death of the lay-helper, who only on the Sunday morning previous was conducting the anniversary services of that church in which he took a great interest. His work was carried out in an efficient manner, and the varied services he from time to time rendered would be greatly missed both religiously and secularly. Mr. Palmer asked for their sympathies for the widow and her two children, and he prayed that divine support might be given in this their hour of need. At the conclusion of the service, Mr. Minter Curwood played the Dead March in Saul, and Mendelssohn's “O Rest in the Lord." The hymns sung were "My God, my Father, while I stray," " Brief life is here our portion," and "A few more years shall roll.” 
Preaching at the Mission Church at Wash Common on Sunday evening, from the words "Then are they glad because they be quiet ; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven," the Rev. P. L. Braybrooke alluded to the death of Mr. Brind, testifying to the help he had given in religious matters in the parish and reminding the congregation of the numerous times on which they had already this year had to mourn the lose of someone near and dear to them, and added that it should be a warning to all to lead better lives so that eventually they might be brought to that haven which all should desire. Reference was made at the morning service by the preacher (Mr. James Palmer). 
took place on Monday afternoon. A special celebration of the Holy Communion took place in St Nicolas' Church at 8.30 in the morning, at which the widow and friends were present. The funeral cortege left the residence of the deceased in Northbrook-street shortly before two o'clock, the coffin, which was covered with beautiful wreaths, was drawn on the hand - bier followed by the mourning carriages, and on reaching St. John's Church, where the first part of the service was held, was met at the door by the Revs. R. Dunn and P. L. Braybrooke. The choir of St. John's was supplemented by the boy choristers from St. Bartholomew's, the service being very impressive. As the procession moved up the aisle the organist played Mendelssohn's “O rest in the Lord." The xxxix Psalm was chanted by the choir and the lesson was read by the Vicar. The hymn "Now the labourer's task is o'er,” was sung and whilst the funeral party moved out of the church the Dead March in Saul was played on the organ. Preceded by the choir and a cross-bearer, it slowly wended its way to the Cemetery, where the Rev. R. Dunn concluded the service and the choir sang "Brief life is here our portion” over the open grave. 
The mourners were—Mrs. A. Brind (widow), Mr. W. Brind, Miss Brind, Mrs. Mayo, Mr. J Rolfe, Mr. R. W. Rolfe, Mr. J. T. Ransley. and Mr. Mayo, jun.
Amongst those present were Rev. W. S. Grindle (Vicar of Cold Ash), Rev. W. Pheasant, Rev. E P. Spurway, Mr. W. J. Cowper, Mr. James Palmer, Mr. Minter Curwood (organist of St. Bartholomew's), Miss Summerson, Miss Francklyn. and Miss Briant, Messrs. F. H. Stillman, E. Curwood and H. S. Stone representing the Newbury Guildhall Club, of which deceased was a member, and Mr. A. Floyd. 
The coffin which was ???????????? brass crucifix and brass plate with the inscription: -
Aged 40 years,
Member of C.M.S. and E.C.U.,
 At Rest, June 19, 1891. 
Wreaths and crosses were sent by the widow and children, Mr. J. Rolfe, Mrs J. Rolfe, his sisters, Mr. and Mrs. W. Brind, Miss Adela Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Rolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Savin, Mr. and Mrs. Diddams. Mr. and Mrs. Ackland, Mr. R. Rolfe, son, Mr. and Mrs Nailer, Mr. sad Mrs. Ransley, Mr.. Denniston, Miss Blanche Sargent, Rev. J. G., Mrs. and Mrs. Gibbs, Miss R.C. Rolfe (Clifton), Members of C.B.S , and Organist and choir of St. Bartholomew's. 
The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. H.S. Hanington Northbrook-street. 
Thursday 25 June 1891 Newbury Weekly News and General Advertiser 
TENDERS her most grateful THANKS to all the kind friends for sympathy shown her in her recent trial: also begs to state that having had charge of the FLORAL BUSINESS, &c., for some time she will CARRY ON THE SAME, trusting for a continuance of their support. She will also be glad to RECEIVE ALL ACCOUNTS due to her late husband. 
Northbrook-street, June 25th, 1891. 
Thursday 25 June 1891 Newbury Weekly News and General Advertiser  
& Thursday 02 July 1891  Newbury Weekly News and General Advertiser 

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