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Memorial Details

  01 February 1889
  4 x kerbed plot with sculptured scroll sitting on sculptured stone blocks. Kerbs have iron railing inserts with 6 x finials
  Limestone (both sculpture and kerbs)
  On cross: In Loving Memory Of / Robert JOHNSTON / died February 1st 1889 / aged 62 / Also of / Rebecca his wife / died September 9th 1891 / aged 66 years / "Come unto Me, ye Weary, and I will give you rest".
  Fair: Inlaid letters
  07 August 2015
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Robert Johnston
06 February 1889
Consecrated Private Grave
Reverend E J Gardner



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Robert Johnston
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:   
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News




We have to record the death of Mr Robert Johnston of Northbrook-street, which took place somewhat suddenly on Friday last. Mr Johnston, who had been in declining health for some time past, was seized about four o'clock with an epileptic fit whilst walking near Porchester-villas. Dr Ryott was fortunately at hand and rendered the best medical assistance that was possible. On being conveyed to his home his medical attendant, Dr Watson, was called in, but another fit followed, in which Mr Johnston passed away.
Born in 1826 he was thus in his 63rd year of his age. A native of the North of England, Mr Johnston came to Newbury many years since, and by his force of character and success in business he rose to a leading position in the town. He entered the Corporation in 1878 on the Borough Extension Act coming into force, and served the office of Mayor in 1883-4, his term being memorable as that in which the Art and Industrial Exhibition was held, and the gold chain worn by our Mayors was obtained. His genial disposition and kindly hospitality secured for him cordial respect, and he retired from office amid general congratulations. Mr Johnston also served the office of guardian of the poor to the duties of which he gave much time and attention. In politics Mr Johnston was a Liberal, and during the period of its existence was Treasurer of the Liberal Club in the Broadway. As a past officer of the Berkshire Lodge of Freemasons he was held in esteem by his Brethren, who at their meeting on Friday adopted a resolution of condolence with the widow and family.
The funeral took place yesterday, and in accordance with a resolution passed at a special meeting, the Mayor and members of the Corporation were present in their official capacity. The funeral cortège left the residence of the deceased in Northbrook -street shortly after noon, the coffin being conveyed on an open hearse. The members of the Corporation, who had assembled at the Town Hall and taken their seats in carriages, joined the procession which proceeded at a slow pace to the Cemetery. On alighting at the gates of the Cemetery the procession was reformed and was preceded by the Rector of Newbury reading the opening sentences of the Burial Service. The Mayor, who wore his gold chain, which was draped in crape, was accompanied by the Town Clerk (Mr H. Burke Godwin) and the following members of the Council, Alderman Wilson, Adey and Lucas, Councillors T. Fidler, Stone, C. Lucas, J. Hopson, Hall, Ravenor, Midwinter, R. Long, S. Knight, Wintle and A. Jackson.
There were also present Dr Watson, Messrs T. Dreweatt, A. Burns, F.J.Linton, J. Mason, T. Hawkins, &.
The mourners were the three sons of the deceased Mr J. A. Johnston, Mr E. B. Johnston, Mr F.V. Johnston. The service was conducted by the Rector of Newbury. The coffin was covered with beautiful floral wreaths and crosses, sent by sympathising friends, including Mr & Mrs Burgess, Mr A. Burns, Miss Stratton, Miss Read, Miss Simpkins, Mrs Warrener, and others. The Royal Standard at the Town Hall floated half mast high. All along the route shutters were put up and window blinds drawn.
The coffin was of polished oak with brass furniture and inscribed:

Born November 26 1826
Died February 1, 1889

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs Penford & Son of Northbrook Street. The following is a copy of a letter forwarded to Mrs Johnston on behalf of the Corporation by the Town Clerk:-
“I am instructed by the Town Council of Newbury to convey to you and the family of the late Mr Councillor Johnston their sincere condolence on your recent bereavement. The Council feel that the Town has lost one who always had its prosperity at heart, and the Corporation a member who was ever ready to give them the benefit of his sound judgment and large experience, and who discharged the duties of his Mayoralty with marked success, and to the warm appreciation of the Burgesses. I be to add my personal sympathy and remain &”

Robert Johnston
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    22 March 1883
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News


The following are extracts from a lengthy report in the Newbury Weekly News of 22nd March, 1883
The fact of the MAYOR of NEWBURY being a total abstainer has led to his being included among the guests at two civic entertainments last week, given respectively by the MAYOR of BIRMINGHAM and the LORD MAYOR of LONDON. The former, at Birmingham, consisted of a Mayoral breakfast, at the Council-house, last Wednesday morning, to which the "teetotal" Mayors of England were specially invited, in addition to numerous supporters of the temperance movement. A "local option " meeting had been held on the previous evening, at which Sir WILFRID LAWSON spoke. At the breakfast already referred to, the MAYOR of NEWBURY was not altogether a silent guest, for to him was assigned the task of supporting a vote of thanks to the MAYOR OF BIRMINGHAM for his hospitality, to which reference is made in a paragraph lower down.
On the evening of the same day, the MAYOR of NEWBURY was to be found in the Guildhall, London, again in company with the" abstaining Mayors " of England. The LORD MAYOR of LONDON. to whose hospitality the entertainment was due, is not indeed himself a teetotaller, a fact which he frankly admitted, adding that he had no intention of becoming one. At the same time he did not think that was any reason why he should not assist in promoting that which brought happiness into many homes. As a magistrate, he was made aware of the fact that possibly nineteen out of twenty cases of crime which came before him had their origin in drink. 
The sensation experienced by a gentleman invited to a full dress evening party and finding himself the sole individual unprovided with a dress coat, must, it is feared, have beea akin to that of our worthy MAYOR on this occasion, on perceiving that nearly every Mayor but himself was wearing the handsome adornment of a gold chain of office. A similar mortification has indeed more than once been experienced by his predecessors in office at other civic gatherings of a national character. Although a gold chain may be termed but a bauble of office, yet somehow we hardly like our chief magistrate to appear at less advantage than those of other boroughs. Who is there public spirited enough to take the matter in hand?
It seems that the town of Newbury can claim the Mayor of Birmingham as being one of her sons. His worship of the metropolis of the Midlands bears the name WHITE and is the grandson of the well-known tailor who in 1811 made the celebrated Throckmorton coat. The ancestors of the Mayor of Birmingham, from the year 1640, lie interred in Newbury Churchyard, and members of the family still live in our midst. Some of his younger days were spent in Newbury, and from a conversation when the Mayor of Newbury was on a recent occasion partaking of his hospitality he appears to retain an interest for the town where was to be found the old " roof-tree." It would be a pleasure to our townsmen generally to receive a visit from the Mayor of Birmingham before his term of office expires. His worship is we believe a printer, employing three hundred hands, in politics a Liberal, and in religion a member of the Society of Friends. 
It is understood that, following this, Mayor Johnston called meetings to discuss a Chain for Newbury’s Mayors and subscriptions were duly collected.
The picture shows Clr. Johnstone proudly wearing one of the best mayoral chains in the country, with his own enamelled crest in pride of place at the centre above the pendant.
This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

Pictures and photographs

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Robert Johnston
Mayor of Newbury 1883
©reproduced by kind permission of the Borough of Newbury
Robert Johnston
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Robert Johnston
Mayor of Newbury - 1883
©from Rod Thomason’s “The Regalia of the Town of Newbury, Berkshire” and is reproduced by kind permission of the author - a Town Macebearer
Robert Johnston


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