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Memorial Details

  Samuel Nevil TOOMER
  01 January 1888
  Headstone and kerbstone with iron railing surround
  Cast Iron with Cast iron Lettering
  From top of headstone: Samuel Nevil Toomer/ born Sept. 1796/ died Jan. 1888./ Elizabeth Toomer/ died 15th Jan. 1867/ aged 70 years./ Septimus Toomer/ born Sept. 1840/ died Aug. 1877./ Fanny Ella Greet/ daughter of N.M. Toomer, died Dec 5th. 1919. North kerb: Elizabeth Toomer, born Aug.1827, died Jan. 1892./ South kerb: Sophia Toomer: born Sept. 1831, died Jan. 1892./ East kerb: "Gone home to God".
  Fair, top of headstone lying on ground
  18 February 2013
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Other people list on this memorial

Elizabeth TOOMER
Septimus TOOMER
Fanny Ella GREET

Cemetery Accounts Record

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Samuel Neville Toomer
31 January 1888
Unconsecrated Private Vault
Reverend J S Huggett



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

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Date of source:    26 January 1888
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Our readers will hear with regret, but without surprise, of the decease of Mr. S. N. Toomer, which occurred at his residence, Shaw Crescent, yesterday morning. Mr. Toomer has of late years retired from his old -established business of ironmonger, in which he has been suceeded by his son, so that his face is less familiar to residents of the present day, than to those whose memories’ can carry them back over a couple of generations. 

 Mr. Toomer may be regarded as one of the oldest, if not the oldest tradesman in Newbury. Son of Mr.. Joseph Toomer, who was Mayor of Newbury 1814, he for a long period was intimately identified with the trade and the transactions of the town. 

 Possessed of a retentive memory and not a little genial humour, Mr. Toomer's recollections of past days were always interesting and usually amusing. In his possession were curious and valuable lists of dignitaries municipal and otherwise, of the past, and other documents; and numerous were the anecdotes which he could tell of bye-gone events in our ancient borough. Of shrewd judgment and keen observation, and a kindly nature withal, his opinion always carried weight with his fellow townsmen, by whom he was deservedly held in high esteem. 

Mr. Toomer was at the time of his death the oldest member of the Congregational Church. He has passed away in the 92nd year of his age. 

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.
Samuel Nevill Toomer
Article source:    From Anthony Pick’s ‘Mayors of Newbury’ 11 June 2019. Reproduced with his kind consent.
Date of source:    11 September 2019
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Joseph and Jane’s son Samuel Nevil Toomer (1796-1888) established the Toomer ironmongery shop at 4 Northbrook Street in 1827. He was made responsible for the standard weights and measures of Newbury Borough.  He was generally known as “Nevil” but adopted the additional name “Samuel” in memory of a deceased elder brother. 

This obituary entry is awaiting verification.

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toomers timeline 1797 to 1841
toomers timeline 1797 to 1841
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