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  Walter WHEELER
  25 September 1868
  Headstone & Footstone
  Headstone: Sacred/ to the memory of/ Walter Wheeler/ who died Sept 25th 1868 aged 54 years/ "In the midst of Life we are in Death/ Footstone: W W / 1868
  Footstone in front of headstone - readable
  CH 16 (F)
  16 August 2016
  JB & SK
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Walter Wheeler
30 September 1868
Consecrated - Private Grave
Rev'd. J.L. Randall



Obituaries and Newspaper announcements

Walter Wheeler
Article source:    Newbury Weekly News
Date of source:    01 October 1868
Copyright:    © Newbury Weekly News





A shocking act of self-destruction was committed, on Friday evening, by Walter Wheeler of the Drummer. The inquest, at which the particulars attending the dreadful deed, were stated in evidence by witnesses sworn, was held on Monday morning, at the Council Chamber, before Joseph Bunny Es., M.D., Borough Coroner. After returning from viewing the body, which lay in the skittle-alley at the back of deceased's house the scene of the suicide, the Coroner proceeded to take the depositions.

Charles Morris, leather dresser of Simmonds' yard, said he had known deceased all his life. Last saw him alive Friday dinner time, and he was then about as usual. He had been for some time past reserved in his habits, strange in his behaviour, and gave curious answers, but never saw him excited or violent. Had heard his wife say, also, that he was restless at night. When he had taken his meals up, he has said “Oh dear, here he is again!” which would make him tremble. About twenty minutes before nine on Friday night was sitting in the tap-room when Mrs. Wheeler ran inn and exclaimed “Oh, Charley for God's sake come!” Witness said to Cullum who was there also, “Come on Harry, there's something wrong.” On following her into the skittle-alley they fund him suspected from a beam, by a piece of rope. He was warm, but quite dead. Rubbed his hands and temple with water, and sent for Dr. Ligertwood. Deceased had been in Peckham House Asylum, for three months, but was discharged in April last. Dr. Palmer had seen him twice since.

Supt. Deane – But not lately.

The Coroner- If, after hearing Dr Ligertwood the jury desires, I will send for Dr. Palmer.

Henry Cullum, of Northcroft-lane, was in the Drummer, on Friday night, doing a little business with Norris, and corroborated Norris' testimony with regard to being called into the skittle-alley by Mrs. Wheeler, and there seeing deceased suspended by his neck. The rope was about the size of his little finger, his feet were nine inches from the ground, with a fall of 14 inches from the beam. The rope was tied to the beam by a knot. Norris cut the body down, they removed the handkerchief from his neck and bathed his chest with water but without avail. Deceased had appeared low spirited lately, and not as if he was in his right mind.

Hannah Bowsher, servant to Mrs. Wheeler, had been at the Drummer nearly two years. Saw deceased alive for the last time on Friday evening about six, in the kitchen. Heard Mrs. Wheeler say afterward, that he was walking about in the skittle alley, a thing he frequently did. He was seen only by Mrs. Wheeler between six and quarter to nine. Was in the tap-room when Mrs. Wheeler ran in and called the men, but did not follow.

Dr. Ligertwood deposed going to see the deceased immediately he was sent for, and finding him lying on the skittle-alley floor. The body was warm, but the heart had ceased beating, and their was little change of colour, but the face was not black. There was a deep indentation round the neck as if caused by a tightly drawn cord. Death was undoubtedly caused by suffocation through hanging. Believed the deceased to be of unsound mind.

The Coroner put it to the jury briefly that they must agree as to the cause of death, and the state of the mind at the time, and

The Jury having returned a verdict that “deceased hanged himself whilst of unsound mind”.

The Coroner expressed his concurrence, and the usual signing being gone through, the jury were discharged.

Newbury Weekly News 1 October 1868

Walter Wheeler died 26 September 1868 aged 54

Mrs P. p70 Ch 16 (F)

“In the midst of life we are in Death”.


Sources:Newbury Weekly News 1 October 1868

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