Date published: 08 February 2020
Author: Emma Dunlop-Walters

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The FNRC team
The FNRC team

Successful Recruitment Evening for Friends of Newtown Road Cemetery

New volunteers found!

The Friends of Newtown Road Cemetery started the new year by hosting a volunteer recruitment evening on Wednesday 29 January. The committee had a good turnout from local people interested in helping with the upkeep of the cemetery and research into the occupants.

The group has a few roles that require filling including Public Relations, research and helping with the upkeep of the cemetery. The evening consisted of a presentation by the Chairman, Brian Sylvester, about the cemetery and the work that has been done to protect the historical landmark.

Alongside looking after the cemetery, the volunteers work on preserving the flowers and trees growing in the cemetery as well as recording all the monuments.

Brian Sylvester, the Chairman of the Friends of Newtown Road Cemetery and the Town Crier, said this of the event: ‘It was a great turnout, we had people from all walks of life who are interested in helping to look after the cemetery and we look forward to assigning roles and welcoming the new members onboard.’

The Friends of Newtown Cemetery was formed by the Newbury Town Council in 2009 as part of a concerted effort to get the Newtown Road Cemetery re-opened to the public. Thanks to the hard work of the committee and volunteers, the cemetery is now open daily 10am-3pm except Christmas Day.


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