Moth Survey

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Moth Survey

Date added: 07/07/2018 13:36:56
Author: Celia Pay

On a warm night in mid-summer 2017 a moth survey was taken overnight by a local moth expert to record the known species of moths living in the cemetery.
Individualy captured moths were held overnight in chill conditions to calm them. The tubes were labelled and put out on display the following day for visitors to enjoy and marvel at the uniqueness of the colours, size and camouflage moths develop to protect them selves. A surprising number recorded and an opportunity to enjoy close up something one usually sees only in books. Everyone enjoyed the Elephant Hawkmoth for its beauty and size.
All of the moths were released later in the evening.


The list of moths found in the cemetery were:

  • Beautiful Hook-tip
  • Bright-line Brown -eye
  • Brimstone
  • Broad Barred White
  • Brown Silver-line
  • Buff Archer
  • Buff Ermine
  • Burnished Brass
  • Clouded Border
  • Clouded Silver
  • Common Emerald
  • Common Footman
  • Common Lutestring
  • Common Marbled Carpet (agg)
  • Common White Wave
  • Coronet
  • Dable Square-spot
  • Dable-Striped-Pug
  • Dark Arches
  • Dingy Shell
  • Elephant Hawkmoth 
  • Fan-foot
  • Festoon
  • Figure of Eighty
  • Flame
  • Flame Shoulder
  • Freyer’s Pug
  • Green Pug
  • Grey Dagger (agg)
  • Grey Pine Carpet
  • Heart and Club
  • Heart and Dart
  • Herald
  • Large Twin-spot Carpet
  • Least Carpet
  • Lesser Yellow Underwing
  • Light Arches
  • Lime-Speck Pug
  • Maiden’s Blush
  • Maple Pug
  • Marbled Beauty
  • Marbled Minor (agg)
  • Middle-barred Minor
  • Miller
  • Mottled Beauty
  • Mottled Rustic
  • Peppered
  • Phoenix
  • Poplar Grey
  • Poplar Hawkmoth
  • Poplar Lutestring
  • Privet Hawkmoth
  • Reddish Light Arches 
  • Riband Wave
  • Rosy Footman
  • Rustic
  • Scarlet Tiger
  • Setaceous Hewbrew Character
  • Small Blood Vein
  • Small Dusty Wave
  • Small Seraphim
  • Smoky Wainscot
  • Snout
  • Spectacle
  • Straw Dot
  • Swallow-tailed
  • Uncertain. (That is its proper name)
  • Willow Beauty



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