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  Stone scroll plus 4 kerbstones (double plot)
  From the top of the scroll: In Loving Memory of/ Catherine/ the beloved wife of/ Stephen North/ who fell asleep Feb.18th 1907/ aged 56 years./ "Well and faithfully done." / Also of Stephen North/ who passed away April 15th. 1929/ aged 78 years. At Rest./North facing kerbstone: In Loving Memory of Catherine Sarah, who died Feb. 11th. 1885 aged 8 months/ South facing kerbstone: Also of Ethel Marian who died August 21st. 1889 aged 3 years & 8 months./ The dearly beloved children of/ Stephen & Catharine (sic) North./ Gathered home.
  Fair, engraved letters
  03 August 2015
  SC & AD

Persons named on this monument.

Stephen North  
Catherine Sarah North  
Ethel Marian North  
Catherine North  

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