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  Headstone on double plot
  From top of headstone: In Loving Memory of/ Henry/ The beloved son of/ Joseph and Jane Finch/who died July 8th. 1899/aged 44 years. / "Forever with the Lord."/ also of / Jane/ the beloved wife of/ Joseph Finch born Feb.27th. 1828/ died Jan.3rd 1906./ "Present with the Lord."/ Also of Joseph Finch/ died June 25th. 1911/ aged 80 years. / "Jesu, lover of my soul/ Let me to Thy bosom fly/ While the nearer waters roll/ While the tempest still is nigh"./ In Loving memory of Alice Finch, daughter of the above, died 1st. April 1940 aged 80./ At Rest.
  Poor, inlaid letters
  22 July 2015
  SC & AD

Persons named on this monument.

Jane Finch  
Henry Finch  
Joseph Finch  
Alice Finch  

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