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  Scroll on a square plinth and 3 Kerbstones
  On the Scroll: In Tender and Loving Memory Of/ William Henry/ Smith Bishop/ born Oct. 21 1877/ died Dec. 16 1922./ "Rest." South facing Kerbstone: In Loving Memory Of Henry Tiley died Dec. 22nd. 1907 aged 69 years. North facing Kerbstone: Also his wife Eliza, interred at Hammersmith.
  Fair to poor condition.Sinking to the South. Heavy vegetation. Inlaid text with letters missing
  LS(D) 10
    Relied on Mrs. P.'s transcription. Could not find any inscription for Marion Bishop.
  02 February 2016

Persons named on this monument.

William Henry Smith BISHOP  
Marion BISHOP  
Henry TILEY  

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