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  Headstone with 3 kerbstones
  From top of headstone: In Loving Remembrance of/ John Eggleton/ who fell asleep March 22nd. 1912/ aged 74 years./ Also of his wife/ Mary Jane Eggleton/ at Rest Nov. 28th.1919/ aged 81 years./ And of their daughter Lizzie/ who was taken home Dec. 20th. 1905/ aged 25 years./ "Until the day break."/ Also of Walter James Ball/ grandson of the above/ who fell asleep Oct.5th. 1942/ aged 34 years./ "Peacefully resting."
  Engraved letters, fair
  09 June 2015

Persons named on this monument.

John Eggleton  
Mary Jane Eggleton  
Elizabeth Martha Houston  
Walter James Ball  

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