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  "On inner W kerbstone: Charles Attewell born Feb. 24th. 1807 died April 29th. 1894.// On inner S kerbstone: Alfred Charles Attewell born Aug. 6th. 1856, died June 2nd 1916.// On inner N kerbstone: Mary Attewell born July 5th 1843 died June 17th. 1933.// On outer E kerbstone: Maria Attewell, born May 31st 1815 died Feb.16th 1895.// On outer N kerbstone: Walter Attewell born Oct. 2nd 1853 died Aug 24th. 1870// "
  Kerbstones with cross cornerstones. Double plot. Grass in middle. Lettering, some missing.
    Missing lettering from Mrs Pattison's records, Newbury Library. She was born Maria May, a servant, aged 25, at her marriage at newbury ind. Church
  01 March 2012

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Charles ATTEWELL  
Alfred Charles ATTEWELL  

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