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  Missing Headstone
  Sandstone Engraved
  Headstone: In Loving Memory of / Harriett Barrett / died Jan. 6th. 1902. / Also of Tom, dearly beloved husband of Sarah Hughes / died April 16th. 1919 / aged 61. / Also / Sarah Harriett Ann Palmer / died Dec. 3rd. 1956 / aged 87. //
    Harriett Barrett nee Winkworth, b Lambourn in 1811 is the daughter of agricultural labourer, Robert & Mary Winkworth of Lambourn. She married Edward Barrett in 1829 and had 9 children. He was a farm labourer & they lived in Chapel Lane, Lambourn until Edward's death. They brought up granddaughter Sarah Hannah Ann Pelly (later Mrs Tom Hughes, then Mrs Henry Palmer). Sarah's mother, Sarah died at or soon after her birth. Towards the end of their lives Edward & Harriett received Parish Relief but widow Harriet later moved to live with her granddaughter Sarah and husband in Newbury.Tom was the son of Sawyer, Charles and Hannah Hughes of Hoe Benham, Berks. He worked as a Carter and in 1891 was lodging with his brother, Charles & family, builders of West Mills, next door to where his future wife was a servant. He married Sarah Hannah Ann Pelly in 1892 and lived at Hockley's Stables between Northbrook St,& the Marsh, working as a Groom in 1901 and then as an Ironmonger's Carman in 1911, Sarah Hannah Ann Pelly was born to Ebenezer & Sarah Pelly. Sarah was the daughter of Harriett Barrett buried here. Sarah died when daughter Sarah H.A. was born & the baby was sent to live with her grandparents, Edward and Harriett Barrett in Chapel Lane, Lambourn. She looked after Harriett in her final years at Hockley Stables. Sarah was born in Kensington, London. Her father lodged in Acton with his two older sons, working as a labourer, after his wife's death. Sarah H.A. worked as a servant to the Adey family, builders, in West mills before her marriage to Tom. In 1923, after Tom's death she married Henry Palmer. Sources: NRC Bur recds & Ancestry records.
  01 January 2020

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Harriett BARRETT  
Sarah Harriett Ann PALMER  

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