Monument Details


  Headstone and 4 kerbstones
  Limestone with inlaid letters
  From top of headstone: F.A.L.D.E.R./ I Ever Loving Memory of/ My darling wife Doris Evelyn Lardner/ who fell asleep Dec. 14th 1943 aged 22 years/ "Thou art always near."/ From your ever loving husband Fred./ "God taketh those he loves best when young." South kerbstone: In Loving memory of/ Elizabeth Mary the beloved wife of Walter Parker who passed peacefully away May 28th 1935 aged 70 years./ North kerbstone: Also her beloved husband Walter Parker who passed peacefully away Nov.29th 1937aged 71 years./ "Abide with me".
  Poor, letters missing
    Vase: "Dearest Mum, Dad and Doris"
  01 September 2014

Persons named on this monument.

Doris Evelyn Lardner  
Elizabeth Mary Parker  
Walter Parker  

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