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  Shaped headstone and 4 kerbstones
  Polished Red Granite with engraved letters
  From top of headstone: In dearest memory of our only daughter Marion Ruth Prismall/ called to higher service July 18 1932 aged 37 years./ "For now we see through/ a glass darkly./ A little while mid shadow and illusion/ to strive by faith Love's mysteries to spell/ Then read each dark enigma's bright solution/ then nail sight's verdict." "He doth all things well"/ In Loving Memory of/ Ernest Edward Prismall/ Dec. 2 1860, Aug.31 1942/ Clara Jane Prismall/ Nov.7 1860, Nov.4 1941/ Resting here with their daughter.
  01 July 2014

Persons named on this monument.

Marion Ruth Prismall  
Ernest Edward Prismall  
Clara Jane Prismall  

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