20th Century Casualties

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20th Century Casualties

First performed: 14/09/2023
Author: Martin Strike, Ros Clow and Brian Sylvester

Three playlets performed three times at the Royal British Legion Club.

Shocking told the story of Fred Gardner, employee of the Wessex Electricity Company, who was electrocuted at Pangbourne sub-station in 1938. Gardner was played by Andrew J. Smith, also featured Garry Poulson, Paul Shave, David Stubbs, Brian Sylvester.

Speaking featured Charlie Jessett and his ventriloquist dummy Joe. Charlie was a mechanic in the RAF who committed suicide rather than return to work at Harwell Airfield after Christmas, 1940. He was convinced he was going to be shot but nobody knew why. He was, in fact, going to be promoted.

Jessett was played by Steve Wallis, Joe by Graham Salter.

Sinking dramatized letters home from sailor Jack Marshall Evans. Having seen the world, Jack volunteered for submarine duty for the extra pay. His submarine was sunk with all hands in 1940.

Evans was played by Andrew J. Smith, his mother by Judith Bunting, friend Syd by Steve Schollar.




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