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The townspeople of Newbury learnt with great sorrow that in the early hours of Saturday morning, Mr. George Boyer of Northbrook-street, died almost suddenly. Although his health had been indifferent for some months past, Mr. Boyer was about his duties as usual, and was contemplating retirement to private life, leaving the active superintendence of the business to his son, William. On Friday night he went out to post a letter, and on returning, retired to rest as usual. About two o'clock he roused his wife complaining of a pain in the right shoulder. Remedies were applied, but afforded little relief, and his breathing became difficult. It was then feared that his condition was serious, and a younger son went for Dr Kerby, but before he reached the house, death ensued in the presence of Mrs. Boyer and a daughter. The doctor certified the cause of death as dilation of the heart.


Mr Boyer who was 67 years of age, took over the business of plumbing and house decoration from his father in the fifties, and had continued it until up to the time of his death. Mr. Boyer showed great skill in his work, and was an artistic decorator, being known as a splendid “writer,” while he took  a delight in the higher branches of his trade. He executed some of the decorative work when the Parish Church was restored, and had been employed in the beautification of  many of the mansions of the district.


Mr. Boyer was one of the early Volunteers, serving for 19 years, and taking great interest in the promotion of the movement. He was the oldest Freemason in Newbury, having been initiated in a Maidenhead lodge in 1860, and was a Worshipful Master of the Porchester Lodge of Mark Masons. His connection with the Parish Church was practically life-long, being a member of the choir as a boy, and remaining a member for 39 years, resigning on the death of Mr. J.H. Godding with whom he had been associated during his chorister period. He continued his service to the church in the character of a sides-man, the duties of which he regularly discharged. Although never seeking a seat on the civic body, he always took a keen interest in Parliamentary and municipal elections.


For a period of half-a-century he decorated the Town Hall for the Craven Hunt Ball with characteristic  taste and appropriateness, and only on the last  occasion expressed the opinion that he feared he should not do it again. Mr. Boyer was a director of the Newbury District Water Company.


At the Parish Church on Sunday morning, the “Dead March” was played, the congregation meanwhile standing.






The funeral took place yesterday (Wednesday) the first part of the service being conducted in the Parish Church, where there was a large attendance of friends and neighbours to testify their respect for the deceased. At two o'clock the body was borne through the west doors, being met at the entrance by the clergy and choir, the churchwardens and sides men. The Rector (the Rev. L.R. Majendie) read the opening sentences of the burial service as the body was was carried up the aisle. There was a full choir present, and the 90th Psalm was sung to a plaintive chant. The Rector read the lesson, and the hymn “Now the labourer's task is o'er”  was sung in an impressive manner. Mr. J.S. Liddle, Mus. Bac., played the “Dead March” as the choristers slowly proceeded down the aisle, followed by the wreath-covered coffin, carried on the shoulders of workmen of the deceased. The choir lined the aisle and the body was borne between their ranks to the Washington car outside, in which it was conveyed to the cemetery, where the internment took place.


The mourners were Mr. W. Boyer, (son),  Mrs J. Povey (daughter), Mrs. J. Brydone (daughter), Miss Nellie Boyer (daughter) Mr. L. Boyer (son), Mr. J. Povey and Mr. J. Brydone (sons-in-law),  Mrs J. Boyer (daughter-in-law), Messrs F. and A. Boyer (brothers), Mr. W Balding (brother-in-law), Mr. Wm. Edmonds and Mr. Edward Turner (executors).

Among those present in church were Revs G.  Dangerfield and Clifford Frend, assisting with the service.

The Freemasons were represented by  Mr. J. Howard (Worshipful Master of the Lodge of Hope), Bros. G. J. Cosburn, S. Knight, W.H. Belcher, G. Gardner Leader,  S. Knight, junr., A. Mitchell, J. Stradling,  C.H. Stradling,  G.K. North, W. Beames, J. Legg and S.P. Burton.

The Conservative Club was represented by  Messrs L . Cleeves (hon. Secretary), W. Titchener and G.F. Cosburn.

The churchwardens and sides men included Messrs H.J. Davis, and S. Knight,, Messrs. E. Gould, C. Hawker, H.C. Count, W. Edwards and G. Withers.

There were also present  Messrs Rupert Adey, J.W.H. Kemp, W.J. Shakel, F.H. Stillman, J. Parker, H. Pratt, N. Burgess, Edgar Stillman, Daniel Powers;

Messrs E. Thomas, A. Punter, G. Bradley, J. Stevens, the latter acting as bearers.

The coffin of oak, with brass furniture, was inscribed:



    Died March 5th, 1904

Aged 67 years


 Among the numerous floral offerings was a beautiful cross composed of violets, lilac and lilies, from the Rector, churchwardens, sides men and assistant sides men of the Parish Church; also from “His sorrowing wife”; “Willie and  Clarrie; Mary, Nellie, Ada, George and Leslie; Dora and Jack; Mr. and Mrs. E. Turner;    Mr. T. Turner; Mr. and Mrs. G. Cosburn and family; Mr. H. Balding and family (Bromley); Mr. And Mrs. H. Bradley (Brimpton); Mr. S. Bastin (Shaw), Mrs. F.W. Balding, Mr. and Mrs. W. Balding, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson, Mrs. F. Davis and family; Mr. and Mrs. W.  Edmonds, Mr. and Mrs. R. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. F. Boyer (Basingstoke ), Mr. Alfred Boyer; Misses Hall; Mrs. Atlee and Mrs. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. E. Gould  and family, Aggie and Tim Brydone. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stradling, Mr. F. Coldicutt and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Martin, Mrs. Stilwell, Mr. and Mrs. Wintle and family, Mr. Henry Flint, Mr. and Mrs. Punter, Mr. and Mrs. Shackel.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Adey and Co. under the superintendence of Mr. C.W. Adey.  



Newbury Weekly News 10  March 1904


Mrs Pattison's list p. 25


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Born Newbury 1838

Married Ellen

Children include Mary E. George, William, Ellen L.        



Died Mar Q 1904 aged 67 Ref. Newbury 2c 174                                


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