Sarah Archer

Date published: 24/03/2013
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          A melancholy case of sudden death occurred on Tuesday morning last, at the Broadway, to Mrs. Sarah Archer.


          It appeared from the evidence given at the inquiry held the same evening, at the George and Dragon, that the deceased had during the last three years been liable to fainting fits. The previous night she had a fit after retiring to bed. The next morning her husband left to go to his work at Mr. Ravenor's. He returned home about eleven o'clock and asked the girl if the “missus” was up, and getting a reply in the negative he went upstairs, and touching her in order to rouse her, said “Sarah, are you awake?” Receiving no reply, and finding her cold and apparently lifeless, he sent out for a policeman, and Mr. Palmer, surgeon, also came in. The latter found the body stiff but warm. The tongue was protruding, but bitten by the teeth, and there was blood and foam at the mouth. Death was probably due to a convulsive fit, and occurring whilst asleep, she was practically suffocated. The symptoms also pointed to the existence of kidney disease.


          The Coroner (Dr. Watson, J.P.) remarked that death was plainly due to natural causes, and the verdict of the jury, of whom Mr. G. Paulin was foreman, was to this effect. The deceased is well-known, as having kept the sweet shop in the Broadway. She leaves five motherless children.


Newbury Weekly News 18 April 1895



Death  Sarah Maria Archer aged 31 Ref. Newbury 2c 145

Sources:Newbury Weekly News 18 April 1895 and BMD

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