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            The death of Mr. Stephen North, of Priory-road, Newbury, which took place on April 15th, in his 76th year, has removed an old townsman. As a boy of thirteen, he started as office boy with Messrs, Alexander Davis and Palmer, Auctioneers, of the Market Place. Changes occurred in the  proprietorial  personnel, but North remained on the staff. In 1889, he was appointed cashier and chief clerk, which position of trust and confidence he held until 1918, when he retired from the service of Messrs. Dreweatt, Watson and Barton, the then principals of the firm. He had then put in 56 years of faithful and zealous service. Mr. North was an active member of the Wesleyan body, and until sixty years of age  was a local lay preacher, and also holding several local and circuit offices.




            The funeral took place at the Newtown-road Cemetery on Friday, the funeral party walking across from St. Faith’s Priory, Priory-road. The service was conducted by the Rev. T .J .Price (Superintendent of the Newbury Circuit), who gave an appreciative address in the Cemetery Chapel, testifying to the long and zealous services rendered by the deceased to the church. The hymn  “ Rock of ages  ” was sung. The mourners were Mrs. S. North (widow), Messrs, H.J.,   S. T.,  W.T., and Alec North (sons), Mrs E. R.   Bishop, Miss Reta North (daughters), Mrs. S. T .North, Mrs W.L. North, Mrs Alec North (daughters-in-law) Rev. E.H. Bishop (son-in-law), Mr Leslie North ( grandson), Miss Cicely North (Granddaughter), Miss Cissie Bannister and Mrs. Watts. Mr. Arthur T. Watson attended to represent the firm, with which deceased had been so long associated. There were also present many old friends.


Floral contributions included – From a sorrowing Wife and Reta (daughter); Hubert, Emily, Dorothy and Gladys: Sid, Nance and Marjorie: Cissie, Bob and Joan; Will, Nellie, Leslie and Cicely; Alec, Nellie and Peggy; Mag. Cissie and Kath; Mr. and Mrs. J. Baverstock; Belle and Harry; Aunt Polly; Aunt Ethel; Mr. and Mrs. Baker and family; Mrs. And Miss Dreweatt; Mrs. Grimes; Beatrice and Ivy Frost;  Mr. and Mrs. Langton and daughter;  Mrs. Panchard and daughter; Mrs. Osborne; Mr. and Mrs. F.Rowell and Douglas; Mr. and Mrs. Seward; Mr. and Mrs. Turvey and family; from the tenants at Hunt’s Cottages, Donnington. The interior of the grave was lined with primroses gathered by his granddaughter Marjorie, from the Somerset lanes he loved so well.




Sources:Newbury Weekly News 25th April 1929

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