Timothy Knight

Author: Philip Grey
Date published: 21/06/2019
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Timothy Knight led a long life, and was married three times, and had seven children altogether. He was born to Elizabeth Campbell and John Knight, who married in 1791, probably in Newbury, and he had two brothers and two sisters. His NRC entry already shows that he was widely known as a long-time Methodist preacher in Newbury, and he worked as a carter and later grocer’s porter. His later years were spent in St Bartholomew’s Almshouses, where he died at the age of 97. 
His first wife was Mary Campbell; they married in 1814 in Shalbourne, Wiltshire - Mary died 18 years later; they had two children. In November 1835 he married Anna Maria Challis, in Combe, Hampshire, and they also had two children. Anna died only three years later in 1839, and in October that year he married Martha Ann Skull/Scull. Their marriage lasted fifty years until he died in 1889; they had three children.
Born 1793 Shalbourne Wilts
Married Martha Ann Skull/Scull 6 Oct 1839 Thatcham
Buried NRC 9 Dec 1889  common grave
Occupation Grocer’s porter
Certificates MD


Sources:as above

Sources:as above

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