Sander Wilson

Author: Peter Tickle/FNRC
Date published: 23/04/2019
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Sander was born in 5th November 1816 at Kingsclere Hampshire and was baptised 5th December 1816 Northbrook Street Weslyan Chapel, Newbury.

He married Martha Amey Ayres (could be Ayers) 2nd December 1838 at Reading Berkshire. I believe they had seven children.

Sander was The Master of the Devizes Union Workhouse for 7 years before taking up the post of master at Newbury Union Workhouse: his wife Martha was employed as Matron. Sander was assaulted on many occasions by the inmates of the workhouse; although, apparently, he was a charitable man and was highly thought of in the community.

He died while still employed at the Newbury Union Workhouse at the age of 38. His death was on Christmas day 1855. His wife stayed on in her role as matron for a few months and then she opened a grocery and earthenware shop in Newbury.

P.S. I believe two of his sons, Sander Wilson junior and George Glendining Wilson, emigrated to The USA about 1860. Sander settled in Providence Rhode Island and George G at Penobscot Maine.

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