Daniel Hopton

Author: Dr Nick Young
Date published: 10/08/2018
© Dr Nick Young


1895 : Mr Daniel Hopton, a carrier between Newbury and Thatcham, had stopped at Speenhamland to have a new collar fitted to his horse.  Mr William Deacon, a saddler and harness maker and also Hopton’s brother-in-law, removed the bridle from the horse in the street.  Upon doing this the horse, still harnessed to the van, made a run for Northbrook Street.  Hopton grabbed a rope and ran for a while in an attempt to stop the animal.  He however fell under the wheels of the van which broke bones and caused head injuries.  The horse eventually collided with another belonging to Platt and Son ,brewers from Hungerford.  No serious injury was caused to the animals or Mrs Hopton who was in the van.  However Hopton was rushed to Dr Watson where Hopton noted that the accident was entirely his fault and no one else was to blame.  Hopton was then moved to the Newbury District Hospital where he remained until a week later when he died.

Reading Mercury - December1895

Missing years - in Account book

Buried 18 December 1891


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